2017 in Review: Top Quotes of 2017

By Messenger Staff | Published Saturday, December 30, 2017

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“Caught a couple of serial killers, so it was a good year.”
Texas Ranger Jim Holland, who was named the DPS Officer Association 2017 Officer of the Year

“We were back the Monday after it hit. The beaches were beautiful. The town looked like a war zone.”
Brenda Behringer on returning to her family’s Port Aransas restaurant after Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey

“Don’t cry to me if your hair’s crispy. That’s what happens to liars.”
Weatherford College Cosmetology Instructor Gail Henard, on the importance of telling your stylist the truth about whether you’ve bleached your hair

“All supported the same proposed action in their counties.I think word got back to Austin.”
Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin, on the reaction other sheriffs around the state had to Akin’s decision to charge DPS a fee to house prisoners in the local jail. That was in response to DPS announcing it would charge local agencies for use of state crime labs. DPS later dropped its fee request.

“It’s something to honor his name. He gave his life for this community. The family has suffered all this time. It’s just another way of honoring his memory.”
Decatur Police Chief Rex Hoskins on a sign renaming U.S. 380 in Decatur after James “Poncho” Bennett, the only Decatur Police Officer to be killed in the line of duty

“I went down for Rita. Nothing compares to this. A lot of people have lost a lot. Vehicles so deep in the water you could only see the top of the cab.”
Medic Randall Preuninger on the destruction caused by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey

“The only mantra going through my mind with every step I took was, ‘I have to get back to my kids.’ I just kept repeating that in my mind the whole time.”
Slidell resident Cindy McCasland, who was at the Mandalay Hotel when the mass shooting in Las Vegas took place

“I remember World War I, I remember World War II, I remember World War III – Wait, has that happened yet?”
Nina Robinson, reflecting at her 107th birthday party on the history she’s witnessed

“This is a Trojan horse for segregation.”
Chico ISD Superintendent Don Elsom to State Rep. Phil King, discussing the state’s A-F school rating system in January

“There’s only one way to get there, and no one wants to talk about that, a raise in taxes. That’s a no, no, voodoo deal.”
Precinct 3 County Commissioner Harry Lamance in a discussion regarding a pay increase for sheriff’s office employees

“We’re going to stay together. We’re having to figure out where we’re going to have church tomorrow because that’s the most important thing. Church will go on because the church is the people.”
Steve Brozovich, a member of Living Waters Fellowship Church in Chico, which burned down in July

“He was a person who enjoyed life, a person who if you were feeling down, he always had an uncanny ability to say the right thing to help take your mind off what’s making you feel sad or depressed. All of a sudden he would come up with one of his puns, and you either laughed or groaned. But it made you feel better.”
County Court-at-Law No. 2 Judge Stephen Wren on his friend and former law partner the late Judge John Fostel

“I ain’t doing one in Denton. I tried that one time. An old man told me before I put that show on over there that ‘people from Denton won’t come to see a grasshopper eat a bale of hay.’ Was he right!”
Bill Marquis, the organizer of the Antique Western Show and Sale, which is now in Decatur

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