Powerlifting: McAlister earns state bid on final lift

By Richard Greene | Published Wednesday, March 9, 2016
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Headed West

HEADED WEST – Bridgeport’s Dillon McAlister completes a squat during the regional meet Saturday. Messenger photo by Kelly Basting

With a shot at state on the line, Bridgeport senior Dillon McAlister went for broke on his final deadlift Saturday.

“It came down to my last deadlift. I bumped it up to 25 pounds more than I’ve pulled before,” McAlister said.

McAlister pulled 535 pounds on deadlift to secure second place in the 165-pound class at the Texas High School Powerlifting Association’s Region 6 Division 2 meet in Chico. McAlister put up a total of 1,250 in the three lifts – squat, bench press and deadlift – to finish 35 pounds ahead of third-place Evan Wilson of Bonham. Anna’s Ty Slaughter lifted 1,460 to win the class.

McAlister advances to the state championships April 2 at the Taylor County Expo Center in Abilene.

“It was unreal,” McAlister said. “It was a pretty electric feeling.”

McAlister, who qualified for state for the first time in his third year of competing, said getting the opportunity to share it with his father and Bridgeport coach Davis McAlister added to the experience.

“It’s a unique opportunity that I’ve enjoyed a lot,” he said.

“Coming back as a senior I was more experienced and know what I’m capable of.”

McAlister opened with a squat of 450 – 10 pounds shy of his season best. He then pushed up a career-best 265 on bench press. His previous best was 230.

“I knew I had to get it to have a shot for state,” McAlister said. “There was a lot of adrenaline.”

Even with the personal record on bench press, McAlister was in fourth going into deadlift. His class-best deadlift put him over the top.

“It came down to that lift – all the way or nothing,” McAlister said.



114: 4. Alexis Rodriguez, Decatur, 695

123: 7. Anthony Perez, Bridgeport, 725

132: 2. Angel Garza, Decatur, 935; 3. Marc Lara, Decatur, 915; 6. Cesar Acosta, Decatur, 790; 12. Jose Delacerda, Bridgeport, 730

148: 6. Justin Taylor, Decatur, 1,025

165: 2. Dillon McAlister, Bridgeport, 1,250; 4. Brandon Garza, Decatur, 1,200

181: 3. Payton McAlister, Decatur, 1,210; 8. Harrison Haney, Decatur, 1,095; 9. Mark Thomas, Decatur, 1,080

198: 8. Adrian Cantu, Decatur, 1,180

220: 4. Chance Pierce, Bridgeport, 1,325

275: 3. Terry Lee Hogan, Decatur, 1,425; 5. Shawn Wheat, Bridgeport, 1,410; 11. Erick Stonecheck, Bridgeport, 1,240

SHW: 6. Caleb Jennings, Bridgeport, 1,335


123: 8. Rylee Miller, Paradise, 690

132: 11. Trayce Barber, Boyd, 800

148: 7. Frank Williams, Alvord, 1,045; 10. Braden Gonzalez, Alvord, 1,010; 11. Caleb Rodriguez, Boyd, 990

181: 8. Donny Neal, Chico, 1,040

198: 10. Bridger Skogberg, Paradise, 1,145

242: 3. Cody Holoway, Paradise, 1,360; 8. Cody Armstrong, 1,130

275: 3. Tanner Edwards, Paradise, 1,560; 5. Deric Conner, Paradise, 1,470; 6. Blake Martin, Alvord, 1,410; 12. J.D. Brown, Chico, 1,130

SHW: 11. Tyler Yzaguirre, Alvord, 1,260

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