Case for rollback election

By Sam Eason | Published Saturday, January 2, 2016

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The need for the tax rollback special election in Rhome is not about the money. It’s about trust. We can afford the tax. We’ve been paying it since the bond was passed. Now that the bond is paid off, we don’t trust the city council to spend the money wisely and we want to stop paying for a bond that’s paid off. When we have a city council we trust, a plan for where the city is going and a specific need for additional funds, then I’m confident a new bond or tax increase will pass.

So, what are some of the trust issues?

1. Last May, when the new council and mayor were sworn in, the council started attacking the newly elected mayor about her service as a volunteer firefighter.

2. To fill the immediate city council vacancy a new council member was appointed without discussion.

3. When the newly appointed councilman resigned, the city council ignored a petition for appointment.

4. The creation of the position of city administrator was suspicious.

5. City employees were fired, and we now have litigation pending against the city.

6. We have complaints filed against the chief of police and the council has not addressed these complaints at all.

7. Our sewer plant has been in violation with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for months. Why hasn’t it been addressed; maybe because we fired the director of public works without an immediate replacement.

These are but a few of the reasons why this city council is not trusted and why a tax rollback special election is needed. When they begin acting in an open, transparent manor where issues are discussed in front of the citizens, we will start the process of trusting again and moving the city forward.

Sam Eason

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