Saturday Sports Buffet: In enemy territory – Local Packer owners stay true to team

By Richard Greene | Published Saturday, January 10, 2015

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In the heart of Dallas Cowboys country, a pair of Green Bay Packers owners will be watching with bated breath Sunday.

Colt and Pacer Ryle, who co-own one of the more than 5 million shares of the Packers with more than 360,000 Cheeseheads, will be cheering in Paradise for their team to take down the Cowboys and give them some bragging rights at school on Monday.

Local Packer Backers

LOCAL PACKER BACKERS – As longtime Green Bay Packer fans, the Ryles have endured friendly ribbing from Cowboy fans. They will be cheering for the Packers from their home in Paradise Sunday. Messenger Photo by Joe Duty

“All my friends like the Cowboys,” Pacer said. “If [the Packers] win I won’t say too much. But if they lose, my friends will mess with me the whole time.”

While being Texan natives, the 15-year-old Colt and 12-year-old Pacer, were born into a Packer family.

Their father and Paradise assistant coach Jonathan Ryle has been a fan of the green and gold since college.

“I’ve always loved history and football and it’s such a special place,” Coach Ryle explained. “I got to reading and learning about it. It’s such a small town. It’s like a big high school.”

In the late 80s as the elder Ryle was becoming a Green Bay fan, the team and franchise was between its run as Titletown under Vince Lombardi and the 90s return to glory behind Brett Favre.

His fandom rubbed off on his wife Christi, who actually came up with Colt’s middle name, Lambeau. It was also Christi’s suggestion in 2011 when the Packers held their fifth and most recent stock sale to buy a share in the kids’ name.

“Five times they put the shares up and the first two times were to save the franchise,” Jonathan Ryle said. “This one in 2011 was to add on to the stadium. My wife said we need to get them this.”


SHAREHOLDERS – Colt and Pacer Ryle own a share of the Green Bay Packers. The two hope their team knocks off the Cowboys Sunday. Messenger photo by Richard Greene

As shareholders, the two get letters from the team and can vote on the board of directors.

Four years ago on Spring Break, the Ryles made a trip to Lambeau with Colt getting his picture in front of the stadium.

The family was flying standby and actually had to spend some extra time in Wisconsin, missing pictures for their church directory. So instead, the Ryles submitted their family picture at Lambueu.

The Ryles will watch Sunday’s game from their home in Paradise. They will also have their cheesehead ready to put on.

“When things go bad we put it on,” Jonathan Ryle explained.

Ryle has heard his share of ribbing from Cowboy fans over the years. But he’s quick with a response.

“Y’all can have Jerry Jones, I’ll take our 13 championships,” Ryle said.

While they hope to see their Packers move on to the NFC Championship, the Ryle boys will likely be wearing their team’s green and gold either way Monday.

“We have one rule, every time when they lose, we have to wear our jerseys,” Colt said.


  • The leader in the clubhouse for best basketball game of 2015 was played last Saturday in Paradise between the Panthers and Nocona Indians. It doesn’t get much better than eight lead changes in the final eight minutes and coming down to the final shot
  • The Paradise Lady Panthers gave Bowie its first test in 9-3A but free throws haunted them Tuesday. When they play in Paradise Jan. 30, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the second of three meetings this year
  • Mentioned it a few weeks ago but it’s quite impressive the turnaround for the Bridgeport Sissies, who moved to 18-3 with the comeback against Princeton. Next step for the Sissies is to end their 16-game district losing streak. I’m betting that ends next week
  • Pretty impressive win for the Slidell Lady Greyhounds Tuesday with their leading scorer Caitlin Pruett being held to two points, pulling out the win against Forestburg
  • Looking ahead, teams advancing to regionals will be heading to new destinations in most classifications. The 6A Region I tournament has moved to Fort Worth. The new 3A Region II venue is in Heath. The 2A Region II tournament is McKinney North. The Class A Region III site is at Mansfield. Class 4A Region I teams will head back to Lubbock
  • Sunday will be a lot of fun with Dallas Cowboys heading to Green Bay. Fortunately, I’ll be watching from a warm living room. The best part of this week has been the interviews with former players about the Icebowl. I can’t get enough of it
  • I fully expect the Packers to win, playing at home and with the league’s best quarterback. But I also never expected the Cowboys to make the playoffs this season
  • A new Hall of Fame class was announced this week for baseball and again Barry Bonds and the rest of the infamous group tied to performance-enhancing drugs in the late 1990s and early 2000s were left out. I don’t endorse what they did but it’s silly for the all-time leader in home runs not to be in the Hall. But also, it’s ridiculous Pete Rose is not in the Hall.

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