Santa’s workshop truly exists

By Richard Greene | Published Saturday, December 19, 2015

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I can’t recall the exact year that my cousin Luke spilled the beans about Santa Claus, tarnishing the magic of Christmas.

Even before then, I had my suspicions. Presents would show up under the tree before Christmas Eve, and the feasibility of a jolly man being able to fly all the way around the world and fit all those gifts in one sleigh seemed far fetched to my young, analytical mind.

Richard Greene

Richard Greene

Many years later, I’ve discovered not all of the Christmas myth is made up.

Santa’s helpers and their magical workshop are real, but they have not been accurately portrayed.

Instead of one secretive workshop at the North Pole, there are locations scattered around the country, including multiple spots in our local communities. Days in these workshops are festive, with everyone wearing a smile.

There may not be whistling, but there’s the occasional singing. Toys are not assembled for the most part, but instead wrapped in pretty paper and sometimes stacked to the ceiling.

The workers are not diminutive elves, wearing green and red suits and stockings. They may wear adorned Christmas sweaters, but truly, they look just like you and I.

The main characteristic that stands out about Santa’s true helpers is the massive size of their hearts, filled with love and generosity. No matter if you’re a prince or pauper, they love you just the same.

In the month of December, they put in long hours of work, collecting and buying toys, boxing up food and taking in donations – all under the approaching Dec. 24 deadline.

No material rewards are sought for their tireless efforts. Instead, their single motivation is to bring a smile to a child’s face on Christmas morning when they open a present and to make sure there’s a warm meal later that day.

These amazing workers are not happy until every child can experience the true joy of the season.

Thanks to all the amazing volunteers who work at local food pantries and other charities in and around Wise County, along with the giving businesses, groups and individuals that adopt angels.

Take time to enjoy a well-deserved hot cocoa for your efforts.

There might not be a Santa, flying reindeer or even elves, but because of big-hearted members of the community like you, there’s no shortage of magic in the season.

Richard Greene is the Messenger’s sports editor.

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