Trial ends with $3 million award

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A six-member Dallas County jury came back at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday and agreed with Robert and Lisa Parr that Aruba Petroleum “intentionally created a private nuisance” in drilling, fracking and producing 21 gas wells near their Wise County home over a three-year period from 2008-2011. The jury awarded the Parrs just shy of $3 million — well short of the $9-million-plus they had asked for — and did not award any exemplary damages. The company’s attorney said they will appeal. The case, which was filed in March 2010, took two-and-a-half weeks to try.

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5 Responses to “Trial ends with $3 million award”


  2. Tracy Smith says:

    Score one for the GOOD GUYS!

  3. I wonder who are you referring too? The multi million dollar Oil Company who clearly by a jury had no respect for the rights of a property owner or the Parr family under constant assault from the noise, the pollution, and the threat to the safety and well being of this family. I found it funny that when a person is rebuked for firing a gun on his property no matter where the bullets may be landing he can claim his 2nd amendment rights are being violated but if a corporation with lots of money violates property rights and peopler health is effected by this they are getting sick they are a “bunch of cry babies’ The lack of empathy here clearly demonstrate a person of little knowledge of what have a “a well” drilled near your property can entail. This is not even considering the health and other effects both to animals and people that take place to during and after a well is drilled. People expect even a company to have a certain amount of ethics but too often the mighty dollars trumps is all….

  4. Tracy Smith says:

    A Loud GASP was heard coming from the King Compound in Weatherford, TX at 2:31 pm…… DAH Dah DUMMMMMMMM lol

  5. Nyssa Nelson says:

    Justice … Hopefully this is only the beginning of accountability in our area.


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