Ross removed from office

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Precinct 4 County Commissioner Terry Ross was removed from office Wednesday morning by District Judge Roger Towery.

Terry Ross

Terry Ross

Towery granted County Attorney James Stainton’s request to issue a summary judgment in the civil suit regarding his removal.┬áThe order was filed in the clerk’s office of the 271st District Court at 9:46 a.m.

It says: “The court finds that (Ross) was convicted of a misdemeanor involving official misconduct during the time he held public office. Pursuant to Local Government Code 87.031, the court orders that Terry Ross is immediately removed from the office of Wise County commissioner, Precinct 4.”

“I believe it’s the right result,” Stainton said. “It fits the law. When you plead guilty to a criminal offense tied to your elected office, you shouldn’t expect to stay in office.”

Read more in the weekend Messenger on newsstands Saturday.


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4 Responses to “Ross removed from office”

  1. Carlos Mann says:

    Well thank goodness this is over .. he abused his office and betrayed the citizens and then continued to cost the taxpayer’s after pleading guilty .. justice prevails !!

  2. J.D. Goodwin says:

    What a relief this mess is finally over. Thank you Judge Towery for upholding the trust and best interest of the people. Too many of today’s elected officials have the “ruling class, I’m untouchable” attitude, and think they should be exempt from law and ethics. These proceedings, even though it took a while to play out, have shown that We will no longer accept this abuse, and we stand ready to change this course of Tyranny.

    The flag does Not represent the United States Government… It represents Our ability to overthrow it.

  3. Well Well Well, All you well wishers of ross removal would it surprise you to know that maybe there is misconduct in other places, you see yesterday the District Clerk called and told rosses attorney that there would be no hearing today because the court was booked all day. Attorney called our County Attorney who confirmed it to. what you think NOW…. Appeal Appeal Appeal….

  4. J.D. Goodwin says:

    Well, since you ask what we think, I’ll tell you. We think justice was finally served, and we now have a chance to get things back on track. We think that if Mr. Ross does appeal, whoever is now supplying the funds to continue this fiasco, will soon tire of wasting their money, as Mr. Ross has wasted ours. We think that we are better off without a thief sponging our tax dollars away for personal use. If you aren’t as upset about this as we are, you either don’t pay taxes, or you were riding the Free Diesel train w/ E.T. and B.J….

    The Election sure Reflects what We think. Our tax dollars are better used to fight this corruption, than to fund it….


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