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Changing the grade; Boyd introduces new ranking system

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Starting with next year’s freshman class, Boyd High School adopted a new formula to calculate grade-point average and class ranking.

Only core course subjects, including English, foreign language, math, science and social studies, will factor into a student’s GPA.

“It got to a point where you had students picking classes to take-not because they really wanted to take them, but so they could move up in the class ranks,” said Boyd High Principal Scott Nedrow. “Now we’re making it more equitable and fair across the board for all students. It levels the playing field for everybody.”

Pre-AP, AP and dual class credits will continue to be weighted, but in a slightly different and more efficient manner. Students will have an additional 5 percent of their overall grade added on at the end of the semester for pre-AP courses. For example, if a student earned a 100 in a pre-AP course, they would be awarded a 105 at semester’s end for the class.

AP and dual credit courses will add on 10 percent of their overall score. Thus a 100 would become a 110.

“The biggest difference now is we add it on at the end of the semester, and it’s all done in the computer,” said Boyd High counselor Tara Allred. “The way we were doing it before was pretty antiquated.”

Since all current high school students are still on the old system, the school will have to juggle two grading styles for the next three years, Allred added.

She also assured the new system would not discourage students from taking electives such as art or ag classes now not included in the GPA calculation.

“A certain number of electives are required by the state,” Allred said. “Electives are still a graduation requirement.”

On Monday, the high school will hold an informational session for eighth grade students and their parents about the changes to GPA calculations and the new endorsement paths incoming freshman must choose.

The meeting is 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Boyd High School cafetorium. Eighth graders and their parents are encouraged to attend.

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