Boyd sweeps distance race

By Richard Greene | Published Saturday, April 12, 2014
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As he circled the track at Yellowjacket Stadium Thursday morning, Marco Martinez’ only competition in the 3200 was the clock.

The Boyd distance runner built a several-second lead after the first couple of laps and continued to pull away for a 22-second victory at the 9-2A meet.

ROUNDING THE CORNER – Boyd’s Marco Martinez turns the corner early in the 3200 Thursday. He won the race as Boyd took the top three spots. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

Martinez ran a 10:28.27.

“At first I tried to keep with the other runners but felt we were going too slow,” he said. “I had to get on my pace.

“This means a lot to me. I’ve been working hard to get the gold and made it.”

His victory was part of a sweep of the medals in the event. Aaron Hammett took silver in 10:50.83, and Omar Martinez finished third in 10:52.07.

“That felt great,” Marco Martinez said. “As a team, we wanted this and worked hard the whole year.”


A busy schedule kept Boyd’s Jessica Colbert out of competition for several weeks leading up to the District 9-2A meet.

But the layoff did not slow her down Thursday as she captured the 9-2A title in the 3200.

Colbert pulled away from Alvord’s Clara Breashears in the final two laps and finished in 12:49.92. Breashears took second in 12:59.54.

“This feels amazing. I’ve been running since seventh grade and all that hard work and six years of training and practicing has led to this,” Colbert said. “I’m glad to become district champion. I’m so happy, blessed and thankful for this opportunity.”

Colbert and Breashears left the rest of the pack after the third lap. Breashears led from the third until the 800-mark. Colbert then inched ahead.

“Clara took the lead, and I immediately jumped in behind her since there was wind to draft off her,” Colbert said. “But that didn’t help because she’s so cute and tiny.”

“I waited until there was 450 meters left and pushed it to see how much she had left.”

Colbert then cruised to the finish line.

“It helped that I had five to 10 teammates yelling at me the whole time,” she said.


Zildjian Brooks and Haley Rector gave Paradise a pair of gold medals in the pole vault Thursday.

Brooks won the 9-2A boys title, clearing 12 feet.

“I did really well. It was one of my better days,” he said. “I stopped at 12 feet because my knee was hurting.”

Brooks missed once at 11 feet before clearing it. He then got 11-6 and 12 feet.

“It feels great to win. Last year as a sophomore my teammate was the only one that beat me,” he said.

Rector claimed the girls’ pole vault, clearing 8-6.

“I did OK,” Rector said. “I’ve gone 9-5. Today was just good enough. I’m happy to be first.”

It was the second straight year for the junior to win. She didn’t vault as a freshman after having hip surgery.

She hopes to improve at area and regionals.


Alvord’s Brianna Ponder enjoyed a rare warm day Thursday, winning the 9-2A title in the high jump.

“It’s a nice day to jump. It’s warm,” she said.

Ponder cleared 5 feet to edge Boyd’s Lindsey Chancelor, who cleared 4-10.

Both cleared 4-10 and Ponder was able to get 5-0 for the win.

Ponder has her sights set on the school record 5-2 at area.

“I wouldn’t say I’m where I want to be, but I’m getting there,” she said. “Next week, I want to get 5-2 and advance to regionals.”

Heavy Toss

HEAVY TOSS – Boyd’s Lindsey Thorpe tosses the shot put during the 9-2A meet Thursday in Boyd. She took second in the event. Messenger photo by Joe Duty



3200: 1. Jessica Colbert, Boyd, 12:48.92; 2. Clara Breashears, Alvord, 12:59.54; 3. Brianna Smith, Paradise, 13:08.51; 4. Emily Corbin, Paradise, 13:20.78; 5. Heather Beauregard, Boyd, 13:23.43; 6. Angela Powers, Paradise, 13:25.87; 7. Corey Schlomach, Alvord, 13:43.88; 8. Mikayla Perry, Alvord, 14:11.71

High jump: 1. Brianna Ponder, Alvord, 5-0; 2. Linsey Chancelor, Boyd, 4-10; 5. Amber French, Paradise, 4-8; 7. Bailey Sides, Paradise, 4-6

Pole vault: 1. Haley Rector, Paradise, 8-6; 2. Jade Moore, Boyd, 8-0; 3. Carlen Smith, Boyd, 7-6; 4. Mackinlie Tucker, Paradise, 7-6

Long jump: 1. Sarah Rattan, Peaster, 18-1; 2. Mikaela Beck, Paradise, 16-7.25; 3. Brianna Ponder, Alvord, 15-11.5; 5. Bailey Sides, Paradise, 15-3.25; 7. Emily Edge, Alvord, 14-11; 8. Bailee Luttrell, Boyd, 14-8

Triple jump: 1. Sydney Herbel, Millsap, 33-8.5; 2. Brianna Ponder, Alvord, 33-2; 3. Taylor Richards, Paradise, 32-5.5; 4. Emily Edge, Alvord, 30-7.5; 6. Makala Neighbors, Paradise, 28-0.5

Shot put: 1. Hailee Rutledge, Peaster, 34-9.75; 2. Lindsey Thorpe, Boyd, 33-10.5; 4. Kaely Beaver, Alvord, 32-4.5; 5. Darby Moak, Alvord, 28-6; 6. Bailee Miller, Paradise, 28-2.75; 7. Deanna Walterscheid, Paradise, 28

Discus: 1. Rowlee Johnson, Peaster, 106-09; 2. Lindsey Thorpe, Boyd, 105-4; 4. Deanna Walterscheid, Paradise, 95-7; 5. Cheyanne Rose, Boyd, 92-1; 6. Kailyn Melvin, Paradise, 76-5; 7. Kaely Beaver, Alvord, 75-4; 8. Kristen Brazeal, Boyd, 71-6


3200: 1. Marco Martinez, Boyd, 10:28.27; 2. Aaron Hammett, Boyd, 10:50.82; 3. Omar Martinez, Boyd, 10:52.07; 4. David Pearson, Paradise, 10:57.62; 5. Chance Dial, Paradise, 11:18.98; 8. Landry Norwood, Paradise, 11:38.01

High jump: 1. Craig Reames, Ponder, 5-9; 2. Colby Dial, Paradise, 5-7; 3. Joe Randall, Alvord, 5-6; 4. Austin Cozby, Boyd, 5-6

Pole vault: 1. Zildjian Brooks, Paradise, 12-0; 2. Dalton Stidham, Boyd, 10-6; 4. Dalton Holden, Paradise, 10-0

Long jump: 1. Spencer Waldo, Ponder, 19-10.5; 2. Robert Norvell, Paradise, 19-9.25; 6. Darian Sotomi, Paradise, 18-10.5; 8. Dalton Stidham, Boyd, 18-7.5

Triple jump: 1. Christian Worthington, Ponder, 41-4.75; 2. Cash Preather, Paradise, 41-3.75; 3. Tanner Valentine, Paradise, 39-2; 4. Xavier Kyle, Boyd, 38-7.5

Shot put: 1. Chris Aivaliotis, Ponder, 46-7.5; 2. Taylor Edwards, Paradise, 42-8.5; 6. Sequoia Smith, Boyd, 37-9.5; 7. Matt McConell, Boyd, 36-7; 8. Colby Windham, Alvord, 32-4

Discus: 1. Zach Simpson, Ponder, 128-3.5; 2. Blake Brown, Paradise, 111-4.5; 3. Sequoia Smith, Boyd, 111-2; 6. Colby Windham, Alvord, 100-9; 8. Jacob Posey, Paradisie, 94-5.5

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