Will your family be remembered in history?

By D.A. Sharpe | Published Saturday, July 26, 2014

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People of wisdom are quoted as saying that history repeats itself and that we can estimate what the future will hold by knowledge of history.

Those sayings generally speak corporately about nations and large groups. But recently personal history – the stories of interest among family members and relatives – has been in my thoughts.

There are so many stories among my family elders who have graduated on to heaven that have faded from memories of those of us remaining. Because they did not commit to writing their various stories, nor did any of us remaining relatives take occasions to interview them for material that we could write, we are poorer about our knowledge of them.

A motivation has come to me to address that issue in my family.

At age 75, I now realize that little is written about my life’s experience, except what I have written for my genealogical files. Those writings are not distributed very widely.

The new self-assigned project on my plate is to begin a systematic compilation of events and stories in my past about which I would want my family and descendants to know.

The purpose of this letter is to exhort other people in the community to consider pursuing a course of action that would systematically capture things important and of interest to you that should be committed to writing and offered to family and friends.

My immediate project is to write about four to six stories annually and send them to relatives who’ve indicated to me they would like to receive them.

Sending by email is easiest, avoiding the cost of printing and postage. This not only provides for others the elements that shape your life and ambitions, but can highlight people known in the public domain who have crossed paths with you in some interesting way.

These stories also give the opportunity for you to incorporate something about your spiritual being and how you understand God’s providence as displayed in your life.

These are all good things for your family and descendants to know about you.

I encourage you to initiate your own project that will enable your heritage and interests to be captured for the benefit of all who are or will be interested!

That is one fairly easy legacy you can leave for family, friends and loved ones.

D.A. Sharpe

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