Who vandalized babies’ graves?

By Emily Haynes Talley | Published Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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Jeers to whomever chose to vandalize the Preskitt Cemetery, and cheers to the Wise County Sheriff’s deputy who patrols this area for letting us know.

I went down to survey the damage. They knocked down and broke two little babies’ gravestones and two huge stones. They were all over 100 years old.

One of the baby’s graves was the oldest marked grave in the cemetery. One of the big stones was my great-grandfather’s, who fought in the Civil War – so I guess I am taking this personally.

I do not understand how anyone can do something like that. Whoever did this probably won’t even see this – but if they do, I hope they can figure out something more constructive to do in their spare time.

Again, thanks to the Wise County Sheriff’s Department, and they have said that they would beef up patrols down there. We appreciate that.

Emily Haynes Talley

One Response to “Who vandalized babies’ graves?”

  1. Jim Popp says:


    This is a disgusting thing that was done to those gravesites. I sincerely hope the vandals are caught. You’re also probably right in that anyone stupid and low enough to do something like this is also probably too stupid to read!


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