Texas citizens need power to initiate reforms

By Landon M. Hankins | Published Wednesday, May 14, 2014

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Any student in a state/local government class learns that among the methods by which a citizen may become civically engaged in his/her state are the initiative, referendum and recall.

Initiative is especially important, because it allows citizens to directly place measures on the ballot – measures politicians often refuse to consider due to corrupt self-interest. Initiative, referendum and recall serve as important checks on corrupt politicians to ensure the will of the people is carried out.

Many states have all three of these methods. The majority of states have at least one.

How many do Texas’ citizens have access to? Zero. Zip. None. Why? Because career politicians in the Texas state legislature fear that granting their constituents this power would threaten their ability to guarantee landslide reelections and cater to special interests.

They would rather keep as much political control out of the hands of the regular citizens as possible.

The citizens of Texas are ready to hold their leaders accountable and ensure that Texas’ policies serve the people’s interests.

Unfortunately, our state representative, Phil King, has only been part of the problem. Phil King has failed to promote policies that serve to enhance the state of democracy in Texas.

Wise County voters need to seriously consider whether Phil King serves their interests before heading to the ballot box this fall.

Landon M. Hankins

One Response to “Texas citizens need power to initiate reforms”

  1. Rusty White says:


    WELL SAID, GOOD JOB! Sadly Texas has been “Ruled” by the elite and dynasties, a common citizen has ZERO chance of even getting the chance to be “allowed” to play in “their” game!

    All we have are career politicians, and YEARS of the same families ruling all across this state and nation. The question is with all the new technologies why do we even need these parasites? We could and should vote on EVERY law we are forces to live under, should we not? Every year more parasites are elected to state and national office, WHY? Where does it stop, how many does it take to “supposedly” represent the will of the people? I suggest we can and should represent ourselves, by voting on each and every issue!

    Politicians are the only profession, the longer they are in it the worse they become, FACT!



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