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By Megan Adams | Published Saturday, February 22, 2014

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Dear residents of Wise County:

As we start the process of early voting and selecting the next round of leadership to guide our county, I wanted to take a moment and recognize individuals who have thoroughly impressed me and have gotten me excited about the future.

of Wise County. I have made it a point to become an engaged and productive member of this community, and in doing so, have had the opportunity to get to know the work ethic and values of many of our community members. It has been an honor to serve on the Alvord Economic Development Committee and the United Way Board of Directors with Callie Watts Manning. Callie is a focused, intelligent and passionate woman that possesses a genuine desire to make an impact on those around her. She is a loyal and dedicated employee, and her work experience has prepared her to effectively complete the tasks associated with the district clerk position. She makes it a point to provide an educated and informed voice in various civic organizations. And, most importantly to me, she has a servant’s heart and lives intentionally. I believe that she would make the excellent choice for Wise County district clerk.

I also would like to mention my respect for J.D. Clark. He is one of the most dynamic candidates that I have come across. His vision is encouraging and progressive while maintaining the conservative values that drive Wise County. The Wise County judge represents our county in many capacities through community planning and expansion of resources. The possibilities for continued expansion of this role are endless. I also believe that J.D. is the right choice for Wise County judge and am excited about where he could lead this county.

It is truly an honor to be a member of this community, and I am continuously blown away by the leadership and compassion that exists in our small part of the world. We are each lucky to live here. As you make your way to the polls, please consider Callie Watts Manning and J.D. Clark.

Megan Adams

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