Speculation on J.D. Clark feature

By Winford Cash | Published Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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As I read my Saturday, May 31, copy of the Messenger, I stopped and pondered what they were trying to do with the long article on J.D. Clark.

Then I came to the conclusion that the power brokers in Decatur are trying to ram Clark down the voters’ throats as the new county judge.

For a newspaper that claims to represent all of Wise County, to pick one candidate and continually give him press coverage without offering the same opportunity to other candidates who are running to represent Wise County – it makes you wonder what they are after.

Was it because he is a teacher? If so, that is a slap in the face to all of the good teachers in our schools in the county, because he does not teach in Wise County. He teaches in Montague County.

Since he is quitting teaching, has someone promised him the job if he runs? And what do they have to gain?

Lots of unanswered questions that the voters should be asking the candidates that are on the ballot.

Winford Cash

3 Responses to “Speculation on J.D. Clark feature”

  1. Lena Wells says:

    Mr. Cash you have made some very good points and I to would like to know what JD Clark has been promised. If he has not been promised something, then why retire.

    I would like to thank all the teachers who serve Wise County and a special thank you to those that have taught and now are retiring. Good luck in your future endeavors.

    Guess we will see and hear the wonderful adventures of Mr. Clark in the next issue.

  2. Aaron Renaud says:

    I agree with your letter. It is absolutely terrible that this newspaper continues to pick favorite candidates, political parties, and public figures. There needs to be some serious reform in the staff.

  3. I read the article about J. D. Clark and then I made sure that my husband read the article because of the way it touched me. I believe that I took from it what was meant to be taken from it. I don’t think for one minute that it was written to try to make the teachers of Wise County look bad! This was simply a heartfelt STORY about a dedicated and much loved teacher who was leaving a place he cherished and the kids he cherished. As I read the story’s itch tears streaming down my face, I never once thought about his being a candidate in OUR COUNTY. I thought about the kind of teacher and friend he was to those boys who needed him to be what he was to them. THAT was the true meaning of that article, I believe. Now, I will say, after reading that and learning about the “non-candidate” side of him, I would most assuredly vote for him because he is exactly the kind of PERSON this world could use more of!!! I say that having never met him….if he loved his teaching job that much and touched those MONTAGUE COUNTY people the way he did, he needs to be voted in! I’m sure the Messenger hasn’t been turning down any articles written about the other candidates…I say, submit them. I would love to read about them, as well! Cheryl Turlington


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