Something worth crying about

By Irene Wilson | Published Saturday, June 7, 2014

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What can I say? I’m a crier. Not a whiny, sniveling one or a loud, wailing crier or a hollering howler … but a quiet, lip-quivering, eyes fill up and spill over, run down my cheek, try to wipe it away before anybody sees crier.

I cry for lots of reasons. Tears fall at the miracle of birth and the separation of death. I weep at sad movies and romantic flicks and feel-good stories. I cry when “we” win a close game or experience defeat; I am moved by valiant efforts.

I’ve been known to laugh until I cry uncontrollably, and if you make me mad enough, tears can fall at the same time I talk through gritted teeth. I am misty eyed at the sweet kindness of children … yep, I cry for lots of reasons.

I guess last Friday was no exception, the last day of the school year (not for me, I work year-round).

I’m always a bit melancholy at the end of the year. Can’t exactly put my finger on the feeling, a bit of sadness mixed with lightness. I’m happy for the change of pace during the summer break, but this year is gone and so too some of the teachers and students who won’t be back.

So amidst awards assemblies, cleaning out lockers, dismantling bulletin boards and setting up lost-and-found, there are moments of “see you later,” “be back soon,” and “can’t believe it’s summer.”

You see, I love school … the teachers, the kids, the staff. I enjoy what I do and look forward to the challenges each day brings. And of course, there’s the monetary benefit. But the real reason I work at a school is for riches money can’t buy.

Friday, on a Post-it note size square of paper with LaQuinta Inn at the top, was a note from a second grader named Izzy, a heart drawn with these words:

“Thanks for evrethind” (She marked through the ‘d’ and wrote the’ g’ above the word).

There is wealth of all kinds in this life, but the words of a kid written on a small square of paper are a treasure for sure.

Yep, I cried!

Irene Wilson

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