Prayers rising from inside prison walls

By Larry Anthony Harris | Published Saturday, August 16, 2014

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A few weeks ago I wrote a letter to the Messenger about the dangers of ignoring the “small voice” that warns us against foolish actions that often have tragic consequences.

About two weeks after that letter was published, I read about a young man not long out of high school who lost his life in a freak accident at Lake Bridgeport. Then two weeks later, I read about the recent Slidell graduate who died in a car wreck.

My heart goes out to these victims’ families and classmates, because I know your pain. Whether you realize it or not, there were prayers being sent up for you from inside these prison walls, from sincere, Christian men who have lost their children in similar accidents, and other men who pray for the children they still have.

Life sometimes does not seem fair, especially when bad things happen to good people. What matters more than anything is how we deal with these situations.

We can choose to be silent, ignore what just happened and believe that such things will never happen to us, or we can come together, take these tragedies and honor the victims by warning others of the dangers that are out there.

A week after the young man from Slidell lost his life, I read in the Messenger that his teammates came together wearing their jerseys to honor their fallen classmate. I would like to acknowledge Slidell High School for showing their support for this young man’s family.

I pray that this does not stop here but that your spirit will carry on to other schools. I pray that you may take what you learned from losing a classmate and apply it to your own testimony, to warn others and possibly save someone’s life.

No matter where you are in life, you can make a positive difference just by speaking up.

Since I came to prison I have formed a group called “Prisoners for Youth.” With God’s help, we have put together this group of men who pray for you all the time. We also answer letters written by parents and young adults seeking advice and asking us to pray for them.

I am still a work in progress, but I am a long way from where I was. I now realize I am a product of my past, and I wear my scars proudly because they are evidence of the battles I have fought.

I draw strength from who I am today because of what God has done in my life. Even though I am in prison, I have broken free and I aspire to help others out of their darkness by sharing my experiences, and passing on strength and hope.

Today is the first day of my life unchained. As long as I have breath, I will continue to build a support group for children and young adults while I am in prison, and when I return to society.

Don’t let life chain you down until you become a victim. Speak up and save someone’s life today.

Larry Anthony Harris #1700519
Lynaugh Unit
1098 S. Hwy. 2037
Ft. Stockton, TX 79735

One Response to “Prayers rising from inside prison walls”

  1. Rusty White says:

    Larry, WELL DONE!!!

    Is it possible for you to share how many fellow citizens are locked away from their families, even though they had “no victims or violence” in their “supposed” crimes? Can you share the stories of those “forced” to take a one sided plea agreement to avoid being made an example to others who “thought” they had rights and the system was fair and honest?

    Is it possible to tell the stories of those that were “manipulated” in to becoming “second class citizens”? Thereby losing any chance of making an honest living or having any hopes of providing for their families? Also those that were forced to only have the “dark side” as means to survive? Those that “continually” had their money for rent, food and family needs “taken” form them and their families for their “own good”! To pay for bonds men, towing companies, attorneys, court cost, probation costs, etc…

    Having worked death row and admin. seg. for over 7 years of I witness history as to life in prison, all though it be 30 years ago! I know some that you are living through, I saw many that needed to be in prison “as well” as many who should have never been there! For what it is worth, the company I once worked for built the prison you are in, and 8 others!

    While I believe you are on the right path, I ask you and your Brothers to pray for those and their families “still” on the outside! “”BOTH” those that have been manipulated into believing destroying families for their own good, is the “right” thing to do! As well as those that make bad choices, and those that just make choice “others” have been conditioned to believe “is the” wrong way to live!

    While other Nations around the world and more and more states here at home, are refusing to feed their children to the “known” failed policies of the PAST! Sadly “many” here are still “To Addicted” to the propaganda, manipulation, job security, power and illegally gotten “loot” from forfeiture robberies, to do the “RIGHT THING”!

    As you fight and pray from the inside, “Know This”, there are “some” out here trying to put an end to the unwarranted misery being forced upon our citizens and their families!

    I invite one and all to our website at http://www.leap.cc, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. There Has To Be A Better Way, Help Us Find It!!!!!


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