Perry’s conduct tough to defend

By Tracy Smith | Published Saturday, August 30, 2014

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I would like to respond to the nonsensical defense of Texas Gov. Rick Perry by the Parker County Republican Party chair, Zan Prince (Letters, “Governor was just exercising his authority,” Aug. 20).

Little by little, small pieces of information continue to come to light regarding the possible guilt of our governor. Since his indictment, we have learned from Rick Perry that his vetoing public funding to the Travis County Public Integrity Unit was simply a matter of defending his high moral standards – that as a public official he was only doing what was best for the citizens and that the Travis County DA, convicted of DWI, would have to resign immediately in order to restore public trust in this duly elected office.

That’s what Prince was also saying, so I can’t help but wonder, where was the outrage from Rick Perry in 2009, when the Kaufman County DA was convicted of DWI? Not a peep was heard from Perry when the Swisher County DA was also convicted of the same offense. Could that be because these two district attorneys were Republicans?

In May, the Dallas Morning News asked Perry directly if he was involved at all with the DWI case, and twice he denied it, before stepping onto an elevator, stopping the line of questioning. This is something we now know to be false by his own admission.

The Austin American Statesman recently reported and confirmed that Austin defense attorney Mindy Montford was personally called, on her cell phone, by Rick Perry and offered the job of Travis County district attorney upon the current DA’s attempted forced resignation – prior to his veto.

It was a planned attack to kill the Public Integrity Unit, which at that time was investigating and convicting some of Perry’s largest campaign donors. What is so hard to understand? Rick Perry has veto power, but what he isn’t allowed to do is lie to the public and abuse his power.

Ms. Prince may live to regret her opprobrious and impetuous defense of her chosen leader. It is better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

Tracy Smith

EDITOR’S NOTE: Tracy Smith is chair of the Wise County Democratic Party.

4 Responses to “Perry’s conduct tough to defend”

  1. Rusty White says:


    Perry has been caught is another bold face lie, yet his minions rally around him as if he can do no wrong??? Watch you back “some” on here don’t take to kindly to questioning their “king”, or seeking the truth!

    Strange how “some” can’t understand why more and more citizens have lost all faith in our political system. I for one am done with the dynasties, good old boys and the “next in line”!!! I as a Independent will be voting for “ANYBODY” other than another “next in line” Republican, PERIOD!


  2. Scott Pierce says:

    After November 2014 elections, America will start to heal.

  3. Rusty White says:


    Dang girl, your grammar and skills must be so good “they” don’t want to tangle with you!:):)

  4. Rusty White says:


    Is it not strange when some one post the truth “some” no longer want to discus the issue? I am glad “they” have not insulted you or attacked you, guess I am just “easy pic ken’s” :):) Bottom line NOBODY even their “king” should be above the law, sadly he most likely escape accountability in the long run! There is a reason “they” loaded the appeals courts with their hand picked cronies!