More Clark speculation

By Donald Drain | Published Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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I am amazed at the way you pick your news stories. I have been a resident of Wise County for many years, and I realize you have your favorites to write about – but how is it you just happen to write about the same person, with lots of pictures, covering most of two pages? Is it because he is running for office?

Or he is one of the local or not-so-local teachers?

Teachers resign every year, for one reason or another. I wonder if you are pushing this candidate over another. Most papers give equal time to candidates and keep track of time given to each so one won’t be in the limelight more than the other one.

Please explain if you are endorsing this candidate over another fine Wise County candidate. I would like to see you give time to the other candidate as well.

You have an advantage over us out here in your county, as you reach the voters. We all know pictures put in front of people are lasting.

Name recognition is very important in an election. Equal time for the other candidates please…

Donald Drain

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