Missing money rumors not true

By W.E. "Bill" Hand | Published Saturday, February 22, 2014

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To the citizens living within the boundaries of the Chico Independent School District:

There is a rumor going around about some missing CISD funds. According to the rumor, there was $250,000 missing from the finances of the school. I was not on the school board at this time, but I’ll assure you this is not possible. There was a $250,000 accounting error made. The sum was entered in one column when it should have been placed in another. I admit this was quite a large error, but no funds were lost. The independent audit proves this. It would be really hard to hide that large of a sum.

The rumor also has it that some of our local businesses received this money. Again, I will assure you this did not happen. The businesses accused of receiving these funds have bent over backward to help our school and students in many ways – financially and through volunteering time, equipment and resources. We don’t have many businesses in Chico, therefore, let’s not try to kill the few we have with unfounded rumors.

If anyone would like to look at the audit of the finances of our school, please call Mr. Jones, superintendent of Chico ISD, at 940-644-2228. Give him a little time to look up the years you want to see. He will be glad to go over them with you.

W.E. “Bill” Hand
President, board of trustees

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