Merry Christmas, really?

By Rusty White | Published Saturday, December 27, 2014

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As a citizen seeking honesty, fairness, truth and understanding, I have a question for those claiming to be of faith.

How do you believe your God will judge those who have claimed sole possession of his gift to all mankind? Can anyone show where he gave his blessing to use his gift as a weapon against his flock?

Does anyone really believe he supports the terrorizing, maiming and killing of his flock, for any reason – much less his gift?

Or destroying families, forcing mothers and fathers away from their young, during this supposedly joyous and faith-based time of the year?

As many of his flock sit behind bars while having no victims or violence in their supposed crimes, torn from their loved ones, does anybody believe God accepts these atrocities? If there is anyone who does, please respond and explain your beliefs!

Many protest for the right to have more religious beliefs expressed in public, in schools and in laws. If so, are they going to follow his teachings, or just use them for their own self-serving beliefs and agendas?

I believe many are going to pay a terrible price for their silence and support of these wrongful and harmful things. I don’t believe he will accept “it was for their own good” or “we were just following the laws of man” for the pain, loneliness and suffering needlessly forced upon his flock, do you?

I would ask everyone to remember those torn from their loved ones during this time of the year. These mothers and fathers are his flock, too. Their children and families love and need them just as much as those claiming to be of faith need theirs.

Faith can be a beautiful and rewarding thing. Supposed faith can be a wicked and ungodly tool for self-justification of harming his flock. Which side are you on?

All I want for Christmas is a judge who has the faith, honesty and courage to release all those behind bars who have no victims or violence in their supposed crimes. You know where they live – they can still have their day in court, can they not?

Or is keeping them from their loved ones just another tool to force them into taking one-sided plea agreements?

Merry Christmas to one and all!

Rusty White

3 Responses to “Merry Christmas, really?”

  1. Rusty White says:

    I really did not expect any one to respond, after all a “known wrong” can’t be defended, even with attempting to justify it with false faith!!!

    There will come a time in this county, state and country when those who have been wrongfully abusing others, will bare the shame for doing so! That will not and can not make up for the unwarranted hardships placed on those who where abused. But for some their will be no shame, those that have spoke out while standing up against the needless harm and a minorities self serving beliefs and agendas, which side will YOU BE ON???

    “”BUT”” when each one of these “cheerleaders, supporters and blind followers” of these atrocities against “HIS” flock, meets their maker, it is not going to be pretty! IMHO


  2. Tonda Evans says:

    If I might ask, what is the alleged crime that caused the incarceration?

  3. Rusty White says:


    Marijuana, God gift to all mankind.


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