Marching with the pro-life movement

By Ted H. Shaw | Published Saturday, January 25, 2014

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Since I could not join thousands in the bitter cold in Washington, D.C., with pen in hand I march on paper. I hope I will get a listening ear.

First, let me quote Thomas Jefferson: “The care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the first and only object of good government.”

President Obama has stated and restated his feelings about a woman’s choice. He thinks she should be able to choose life or death for the one she carries in her womb. What if his mother had chosen to dispose of him? What if Michelle had decided to abort (early term or maybe late term) one of his beautiful daughters? I urge the president to call upon God and get His opinion.

Former President Ronald Reagan said, “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” What a great president and blessed time for American and its godly-minded people. How sad so many women have such an evil mind as they carry life within their bodies. Up to 56 million women have chosen to dispose of their babies.

To the believers and non-believers, I highly recommend a return to the Bible. Therein we may find some recommendations that will provoke our thinking, and learn about our choices from the one who created us.

Ted H. Shaw

One Response to “Marching with the pro-life movement”

  1. Bill Moore says:

    Brother Ted, I was so excited to see this article by you Sir.
    As many people know, I am a member of FULL ARMOR BIKER CHURCH in Alvord, Texas, and soon to extend our Ministry to a New Church in Ponder, Texas!
    We are so Blessed to have a lady in our group who works for a Pro-Life bunch out of Denton, Texas that has been a great proponent of saving babies’ lives for many years.
    Recently on the anniversary of Roe v Wade for the first time in American history, The PRO LIFERS at the Southern United states MARCH in Dallas, Texas was led by our Christian Motorycle Ministry. we were warned of possible “Radical Activists,” but not a single cowardly protester showed their face that afternoon in Dallas, Texas.
    Another 3500-3900 babies will lose their lives today friends, and we are fed up.
    The Bikers are here now friends, and the cowardly protesters aren’t.
    The reason they incorporated BIKERS was because the thugs from the LEFT and Pro-abortionists, were beating up the priests, nuns, and simple folks who were protesting in the past…NOT NOW.
    Just showing that the father of lies who began the murdering of innocent babies in 1973, is just a big a coward as anybody who used to protest.
    The BIKERS are going to be the difference! Please keep us all in prayer as we embark on making a difference this year, and years to come..Amen…God Bless Ted Shaw…Bro Bill


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