Kudos to commissioner

By Ann Taylor | Published Saturday, June 21, 2014

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First, I will begin by publicly thanking Precinct 3 County Commissioner Harry Lamance for ceasing to mow right-of-ways until the growing season is over, much like the Texas Department of Transportation. By not mowing while the flowers are emerging, the wildflowers, which have been mowed down to the dirt for years, have a chance to reseed themselves. There has been improvement, but the recovery, sadly, will take several seasons. Anyway, kudos to Mr. Lamance.

Second, we have an out-of-control tree chopping faction with Wise Electric Co-op. In order to protect wires and poles, the limbs should be trimmed accordingly. One does not have to take down an entire tree to protect a wire. One could prune around it. What we used to call “topping.” We need every tree and every limb of every tree we can get.

Although one may deny climate change science, one cannot deny the heat and the drought. This should be obvious, even to the ignorant, that if you stand under a tree, it is cooler by as much as 10 degrees.

On another note, it would be helpful if the commissioner, and whoever is in charge at Wise Electric, would answer the phone with something other than voicemail.

Ann Taylor

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