How about a compassionate pro-life stand?

By Cathryn Salinger | Published Saturday, February 1, 2014

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In response to the “Pro-Life” letter by Ted H. Shaw (Messenger, Jan. 25, 2014):

You “highly recommend a return to the Bible.” I couldn’t agree with you more. One verse that comes to mind is “Judge not, and ye shall not be judged. Condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned. Forgive and ye shall be forgiven.” (Luke 6:37)

In my humble opinion, a true Christian would strive not to spew hatred and judgment upon others, especially on such a personal issue as abortion. A true Christian would not label someone as “evil” for making a very difficult decision based on circumstances that you have no clue about.

If you were truly trying to live your life according to Jesus’ teachings you would demonstrate love, compassion and unconditional forgiveness.

Since you seem to have so much time on your hands that you feel the need to dictate others’ lives, here are some suggestions for some constructive activities to fill those empty hours:

1. Volunteer your time and donate needed items to a battered women’s shelter.

2. Volunteer your time and donate needed items to a pregnancy crisis center.

3. Become a big brother to a needy child and help give them the guidance they need in life.

4. Donate food and clothing to charities. All those un-aborted babies and their families need to be fed and clothed.

5. Go through Child Protective Services and adopt one of the children who were not aborted, but instead were abused to the point where they will never be mobile, verbal or even continent. There are pages and pages for you to look through.

Hatred corrupts the vessel that carries it. Instead of judging and hating others, try filling your vessel with love and compassion. Just a thought.

Cathryn Salinger

4 Responses to “How about a compassionate pro-life stand?”

  1. Tracy Smith says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  2. Brad Logan says:

    Excellent letter Cathryn. In the 1980’s, my wife & I were involved with a group in this county known as Someone Cares. The focus was just what you talked about. That’s the response that’s needed.
    Brad Logan

  3. Rusty White says:


    So nice to hear some real “faith based” common sense, thank you! I got married when I was 16 because I didn’t believe in abortions, and still don’t! But even at that young age I knew it was wrong for me to think I had the right to “force” my beliefs on others.

    The bottom line for me is, if your not part of the family it is “NONE” of your business, PERIOD! There is no wonder why many are turning away from organized religion. A long with the party that has turned their churches in to voting blocks and political camps with self serving worldly agendas.

    I for one don’t want to turn the clock back to a time when both mother and fetus were lost in the allies and beauty shops across this land. Or to make this an option only for the rich, who will fly their “problems” out side this country, leaving the poor to suffer for the beliefs of others!

    If your not part of the family “butt out”, leave this to the family, Doctors and the “Almighty” to sort out, PERIOD!!!!

  4. Bill Moore says:

    Funny, nowhere in this “Message” bashing my good friend Ted Shaw was the mention of FERVENT PRAYER & ACTION.
    and it never fails, somebody has to throw the JUDGING junk around. I read his article and saw no JUDGING.
    Ladies and gentlemen, the Militancy of Abortionists is not effected by passive treatment of the problem.
    I like all the suggestions of passive treatment of THE PROBLEM. That’s all nicey, nice.
    And this is the business of us all friends.
    For Americans to stand by and watch 56,000,000+ babies get butchered in the womb and think we won’t pay for it somehow is simpleton politics and ignorance at best.
    About 150 Leathered-up BIKERS, 95% Christian WARRIORS led the MARCH FOR LIFE in Dallas, Texas for the first time ever this past Roe v Wade anniversary right in front of the Dallas Federal Bldg, where it all began. And I was honored to be in the fold.
    We were there to, as the Apostle Paul said, to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT.
    What are you doing to STOP THE MURDERS? What are you supporting to STOP IT? Who are you VOTING FOR that will be the Voice for 56,000,000 MURDERED BABIES?
    This is a RADICAL PROBLEM, that can’t be erradciated by simpleton ideas, pacivity, and nicey-nice.
    Unfortunately, most of America has the mindset that says, “If it doesn’t affect me, so what?” America is in a sad state of affairs.
    And by the way, Mr. Ted Shaw is an Awesome Man of God, Anointed.
    And if you choose someone to BASH, I’d look for someone else besides an Incredible Servant of God like Ted Shaw.
    Sometimes you gotta FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT…Not just sit on a pew and throw around scriptures.


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