Governor was just exercising his authority

By Zan Prince | Published Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Fair and impartial application of laws is the basis of our society. Each elected official is responsible to enforce and follow the law.

The Travis County district attorney broke the law and engaged in deplorable behavior that resulted in a harsh first-offense penalty for DWI. The Public Integrity Unit should not be headed by someone who not only pled guilty of DWI with a .239 blood-alcohol level, but also was so aggressive that she was restrained with handcuffs and leg irons.

Our governor was within his authority and right on the issue when he vetoed funding for her unit. This is not the first time a Travis County DA has used criminal charges against political opponents, but it needs to be the last.

The charges against Gov. Perry need to be dropped, and the Travis County DA’s office needs a change of leadership.

Zan Prince

EDITOR’S NOTE: It should be noted that the criminal charges against Gov. Perry do not come from the Travis County DA’s office. A Republican judge from Bexar County appointed a special prosecutor, Michael McCrum, to handle the case. McCrum is a criminal defense attorney who began his career as a federal prosecutor during the George H.W. Bush administration.

13 Responses to “Governor was just exercising his authority”

  1. Rusty White says:


    So your ok with this unit not doing it’s job and going without funding? Is there PROOF this unit was wrongfully using these funds ALREADY APPROVED? Do you have information that the rest of the state of Texas has not been given, that this grand jury heard?

    Do you support the legal system we have, or only when it suites your agenda? Did you know that “over 90%” of the citizens of Texas and across this nation are “forced” to accept one sided plea agreements, they don’t even get their day in court! Much less a photo op and grandstand to claim their innocents!

    “”IF”” you are correct and Perry was wrongfully accused, then it will be PROVEN in court, will it not? Then and only then will your assumptions as to innocents will have merit, will they not?

    Bottom line is, Perry is not a “king” or above the law, if he is innocent time will tell! But this grand jury seen enough “EVIDENCE” to go forward! Do you really think they would have went forward KNOWING what was going to happen after they made their decision, REALLY????

  2. Andrew Wynn says:

    All you have to do is read the Texas Constitution and you’d comprehend that there’s NOTHING to prove. I’m probably expecting waaaaaaaaaaay too much of you though. Have another toke.

  3. Rusty White says:


    So you also have information that was given to the Grand Jury, that the rest of us don’t have? Seems to me “”IF”” this is unmerited and without evidence, Perry should be able to use it to his benefit? As for your childish slander, I’ll have to pass on taking a toke, thanks anyway!:) Do you really think that kind of childish display gives your opinion more merit, try acting like an adult!

  4. Rusty White says:


    Just for the record Perry’s right to a veto, is not the problem! The problem is him using it to attempt to intimidate, coheres and manipulate his personal beliefs and self serving agendas in to being! Your “king” does not have that right, now let us see where this goes! But don’t worry just like the GUILTY Tom Delay, Perry will get off due to your party “rigging” the appeals courts with your hand picked cronies!

    With every abuse of powers and those that go without any accountability, MORE AND MORE Texans and Americans see how corrupt our system has become! Is there any wonder why “”BOTH”” parties are losing members, THE GIG IS UP!!! BRING ON THE ELECTIONS!!!

  5. Andrew Wynn says:

    Oohhh…looks like I got under your skin a little huh?

    So you also have information that was given to the appeals courts, that the rest of us don’t have? You declare DeLay “guilty” as though you are some omniscient superhuman uniquely qualified to declare what is and is not true.

    The fact of the matter is the Grand Jury was seated in Austin which we all know is a bastion of wild-eyed liberals and democrat hacks. What the case boils down to is that the liberals want to be able to dictate what the governor can and cannot veto, and that will not fly. Your boy McCrumb may find himself in VERY hot water before this is over.

    And by the way, Mr. White, it appears as thought this IS benefiting the governor, doesn’t it? Wonder why that is? Because it is as obvious as the sunrise that the indictment was driven purely by politics and without regard to the rule of law.

  6. WHY, oh WHY??? are you people responding to this Rusty White? Don’t you realize it only “encourages” him? FACT!

  7. Rusty White says:


    The court found Delay guilty, did it not, not me??? Did Perry have the power to fire this woman, if so why did he have to result to the veto??? Lucky for me I have NO BOYS in either party!:):) You again make an “assumption” as to what evidence that was presented to the grand jury? “””IF””” there is truthful evidence and it is PROVEN in a court of law, what will you say then?? I for one will wait and see and let the chips fall where they may!


    Go back outside and play, grown ups are trying to have a real conversation, your actions prove you do not have the skills to participate, sorry!:):)

  8. Mary Stewart says:

    Mr. Danforth is correct, Mr. White; If you’d like to be taken even the slightest bit seriously in this forum, please at least use correct English grammar. You are doing nothing but proving yourself the fool every time you type a message here. I for one am appalled that the Messenger staff continues to let you rant the way you have, seemingly for no purpose other that your own political agenda. Do you not have your own website for that sole purpose? Please voice it there, and not here any longer.

  9. Walt Partin says:

    There are lots of emotions here but few facts. The fact is Perry is not charged with vetoing funding. He is charged with abuse of power. He used a threat to coerces a duly elected official into resigning. That’s a no-no according to Texas law. In order to get an indictment from a grand jury a prosecutor has to convince them that a law has been broken and there is enough evidence to go to trial. An indictment is not a guilty verdict, a trial will be necessary to determine guilt or innocence. The charges were brought by the left leaning Texans for Public Justice and a Republican judge selected the special prosecutor. I suspect this group is less interested in a guilty verdict than they are in derailing his run for the presidency. Everyone thinks the actions against Delay failed but he’s not in Washington anymore and that was the goal. Sometimes the goal is the journey, not the destination.

  10. Rusty White says:


    Dang that old RIGHT of freedom of speech! While you are 100% correct as to my grammar, NO ONE including “”YOU”” has ever had a problem understanding what I was trying to saying! A fool I may be, but a coward who accept our freedoms and rights being violated and taken from those coming behind us, I AM NOT! I could care less that your “appalled” you can’t control the right of free speech, if you don’t like my comments don’t read them, GOT IT!

    While it is true there is a site at http://www.leap.cc for honest and open minded people to learn and educate themselves with the truth, I am not going anywhere. Sorry for your self serving beliefs and agendas!:) Have a nice life, try and remember this world and this forum are NOT just for you or just your beliefs.:):):)

  11. Rusty White says:


    Seem “many” on here think they know more than the Grand Jury? I for one could care less for either party, or their home groomed clones. I believe we have had enough of the dynasties and the “next in line”!

    Perry has already shown the world and us all, he does not have the “right stuff” to be President. It is a sure bet “if” they try and run him for office, the other side will have no problem winning!!! But, because of how disappointed the voters are with “Both Parties” we might just get lucky enough to get some IDEPENDENTS in to some offices!:):):)

  12. Andrew Wynn says:

    Cole & Mary, you’re right. I’ve always found this character to be oddly fascinating for his inability to realize he’s been blown out of the water and his entertaining attempts to silence with the use of such devices as “FACT!” and other bullying tactics (see above…”GOT IT!”). Let him shout at an empty room henceforth.

  13. Rusty White says:

    Andrew, Cole & Mary

    You might want to go back and CHECK these posts and others, it is not I who insults, attacks or attempts to slander or bully anyone! Right Andrew, now you go take another toke, or Mary can act a fool while Cole hides and takes cheap shots, as well!:) At best your “typical”! As usual when “some” can’t defend their beliefs and positions with facts and reality or childish behavior, they call foul and attack! It is plain for all to see on here, lots of luck!

    You guys have not figured it out yet, I am not the subject of these conversations reality, honesty and truth are, GOT IT!:):) When ya’ll can have an honest and open conversation using honesty, reality and facts with MUTUAL RESPECT, come on back, I”LL STILL BE HERE!:):):) Wish ya’ll the best!