Find alternative to dumping animals

By Debi Porter | Published Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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I wish I could attach pictures to this letter. On July 4 on our way back from a picnic, my mom and I found two puppies that had been “dumped.”

Do people really not think about what happens to these animals? They get run over, starve to death or predators get them – all extremely cruel ways to die. They are too young to fend for themselves, much less protect themselves.

Take them to the pound. At least there they have a chance. Imagine their fear and confusion.

Those of us in the country already have dogs and cats, usually more than we need because we have rescued someone else’s. Our dogs do not necessarily take to these new animals, and then we have the job of trying to take care of them, get the shots and hopefully find loving homes for them.

There are all kinds of alternatives to this cruelty. Get your animals fixed. Don’t add to the population. Take them to a shelter, put up flyers – something besides dumping them on other people, forcing them to be responsible for your lack of maturity, kindness and caring.

Everyone has problems. Don’t add yours to someone else.

Debi Porter

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  1. Walt Partin says:

    Well said Debi!

    Walt Partin


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