Family’s story an inspiration to inmates

By Larry Anthony Harris | Published Saturday, January 4, 2014

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To the Wise County Messenger and Hunter and Emily Palmer,

I have been following the story of Emily and Clayton Palmer “Chasing a Miracle,” from day one – the story of a mother’s love for her child and her faith in God to save little Clayton’s life.

The pain this mother went through reminds me of the pain that Jesus went through on the cross. No matter what the doctors said, Emily kept on fighting and trusting in God.

After I read part 1, I fell to my knees and prayed for Emily and Clayton. Tears began to run down my cheeks as my heart went out to the family.

I then began to share this story with others around me, and before I knew it, people were lining up to read my paper because I was the only one who received the Wise County Messenger.

Then came the second part, and the faith that Emily showed in Christ could be felt over several hundred miles away. The more I would read, the more I would cry. I could see God using Emily and Clayton to reach out to others who lost all hope at some time in their lives.

I was so excited to see what God would do next. I couldn’t hardly wait for the next week’s paper which would be part 3. Finally the paper arrived, and it was just what me and many others had prayed for. Emily was holding on to her faith, and Clayton was doing good, showing signs of progress.

The story was called “Chasing a Miracle,” but the miracle had already happened from the moment that Emily put all her faith in God!

Then weeks would pass not seeing a part 4 in the newspaper. Me and so many others wanted to know what was going on, but we knew that God was in control.

Finally, part 4 arrived, “It’s time to chase a different kind of miracle.” As I began to read, I began to cry because baby Clayton had passed on. But at the same time I had a smile on my face because I seen that Emily was still holding on to her faith. God didn’t bring her this far to leave her now.

This is just the beginning because her testimony will carry on forever.

Emily may never know how many lives that her and Clayton touched, but I want you to know that they made an impact beyond these prison walls and touched the hearts of many lost men. I know, because that’s where I’m writing from, and I’m one of those men.

Since I’ve been here I have met one doctor, two lawyers, three school teachers, two firefighters, one police officer and even two preachers, in addition to all the other men, some innocent and some not. I’ve met a lot of people who have lost their faith. Since I’ve shared the story of Emily and Clayton, some of these men have regained their faith. I myself am fighting to prove my innocence, and my faith in God is what gets me by each and every day. It’s inspirational stories like Emily’s that give me the extra boost.

Thank you Emily Palmer for sharing your story of your personal life in the fight for your son’s life and your faith in God. Some people may say you lost your battle fighting for your son’s life, but you didn’t! You won, Emily, you won! Remember it’s not how you start the race but instead how you finish it! And with faith in Jesus Christ you will always win! Emily and Clayton Palmer proved that.

May God bless the Palmer family giving them peace, love and joy.

Larry Anthony Harris
Fort Stockton
(formerly of Decatur)

3 Responses to “Family’s story an inspiration to inmates”

  1. Rusty White says:


    What a heart felt letter, one should keep their faith no matter how others abuse and manipulate theirs! Sadly many have been manipulated in to using their “BOOK” as a shield to force their worldly agendas upon all others, while pulling their cross from the ground and using it as a sword against their neighbors! Their “once” houses of worship have been turned in to political camps and voter blocks to manipulate “some minorities” personal beliefs and agendas in to laws over all others!

    But take heart there are “many” who still believe faith is “not” a weapon to use to achieve ones worldly agendas or self serving beliefs! But rather to be kept in ones heart to warm ones souls, not to be pewed from ones lips to be used against others! Their houses of worship are just that, a place where any and all can gather and share in the warmth of sisterhood and fellowship!

    Know this, there are “many” rising up here at home and across this state and country DEMANDING that our Justice system be returned to “we the people”! No longer will they remain silent as their families are terrorized, destroyed and manipulated for “others” self serving beliefs and agendas!

    Judgment day will come to us “all”, the question will be who help or who harmed “HIS FLOCK”! No matter how well meaning or attempt to self justify ones acts, the TRUTH and ones acts will decide, will they not???

  2. Emily Palmer says:

    What an amazing letter! Have been crying from JOY for once! Thank you so much for amazing letter & thank you wise county messenger for sharing this story. GOD BLESS YOU LARRY HARRIS!

  3. says:

    Awesome reading and I also felt the same way reading their trials,so awesome that you took the time from a prison cell to really let everyone know how you felt.


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