Experience the difference for McComis

By Jerry Stanfield | Published Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I have not seen much, if any, information on the county judge candidates’ work or life experience that qualifies them for the position. Granted, we have a well-run county, and we hope that won’t change.

What happens if we have a financial disaster? If the economy worsens, who do we want running the show? Keith McComis is the only candidate with the experience to successfully navigate through troubled times.

When the Bridgeport economy tanked and tough decisions were required, Keith McComis had just been elected mayor of Bridgeport. When elected, the city was mired in debt and in danger of not being able to meet payroll. The city’s bond rating had declined to a point where borrowing money to meet obligations was out of the question.

Keith made the tough decisions, and with the council’s support, the city is once again in sound financial condition. Under his stewardship, the city has gone from a serious deficit to financial stability in less than four years. While the belt was tightened, not one essential city service was cut, a street improvement plan was implemented and funded, the bond rating improved six steps and the 2013 audit was commended by the auditors.

As a construction management consultant in the private sector, Keith had a capital improvement budget of $36 million for a major manufacturing plant in East Texas. At the completion of the contract, he finished 23 percent under budget.

Life experience and decisions made during critical situations define a leader’s competence. All three candidates for county judge are good people – but if one of those critical situations arises, I want the experience of Keith McComis at the helm.

Jerry Stanfield

One Response to “Experience the difference for McComis”

  1. Brad Logan says:

    Agreed. Excellent points.


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