Even the geese are snowbirding

By Irene Wilson | Published Saturday, February 8, 2014

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Did I mention I don’t really love winter? … and today is BRRRR Rabbit! The weatherman calls it “dangerously cold” – some say the weather is not fit for man nor beast.

But what about our feathered friends? Everyone knows they go south for the winter, but wait just a minute …

This afternoon I took my granddaughters to Sanger to gymnastics. I’m driving back and what did I see? A flock of geese headed northeast.

I did a double take… surely that’s not what I think. Yes indeed – in “V” formation they fly high, fighting the north wind. I couldn’t really hear them, but I think the goose in front was honking, “Come on, guys … we’re going home. It’s warmer up there than it is down here!”

Come on summer!

Irene Wilson

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