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By Debi Porter | Published Saturday, February 8, 2014

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I have never written a letter to the editor before, but I have gotten much more involved in politics locally because I believe in our system. In fact, I have gotten so involved that I served as an officer in the local Wise Republican Women organization over the last two years.

While serving, I have been privileged to become well-acquainted with elected officials and candidates at all levels of our government.

Although I am sure the other candidates for county judge have great qualities, I would like to recommend J.D. Clark to all your readers as our new county judge. He has proven his leadership ability as mayor of Chico for three terms. He is fiscally conservative without being “tight-fisted.” He looks for innovative ideas to save taxpayer dollars and comes up with new ideas to solve problems, rather than just saying no and slashing services. He listens and acts on what he hears.

He is proof that the millennium generation has not lost their values and view that the United States is an exceptional nation. Anyone that has not seen his speech to our veterans should check it out on his website, votejdclark.com.

J.D. understands the importance of growing our business base in Wise County and will actively work to help develop and maintain a business-friendly environment. J.D. has been extremely active in the Republican Party and has developed working friendships with local, state and national officials.

I feel J.D. Clark brings the right skills, leadership and attitude to the position of county judge at a time when it is needed.

Since I am taking the opportunity to voice my opinion, I would also like to highly recommend Katherine Hudson as our county treasurer, Jan Morrow as Precinct 1 justice of the peace, and Sherry Lemon as our county clerk. Ms. Hudson has done an excellent job as our treasurer and will continue to do so. Ms. Lemon has served with distinction and innovation for 20-plus years. The courtesy and customer service received in the county clerk’s office is a direct result of her leadership.

Since I live in Precinct 1, I know Justice of the Peace Morrow and have personally observed the excellent job she does on our behalf.

I believe it takes time and effort to acquire and utilize knowledge and skills for a job. These officials have put in that time and acquired the skills, and they prove it every day in their service to our county.

In conclusion, whether other readers agree with me or not, please vote. Take a friend or family member to the polls with you. Learn about where our candidates stand on issues that are important to you.

Debi Porter
past president, Wise Republican Women

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