DPS to our borders, really?

By Rusty White | Published Wednesday, June 25, 2014

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Every year the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) asks for more officers and resources, claiming they need them for our safety. Now all of a sudden, due to political posturing, we have enough funds to send hundreds more officers to our borders?

DPS does not have the authority to act as the border patrol. Are they going to be illegally profiling anybody and everybody? If so, we, the taxpayers, will have to pay for all the lawsuits surely to come from that abuse of powers!

If we send so many officers to the border, who is going to take care of safety here while they are gone? And if local agencies are going to start acting like the DPS, we, the taxpayers, will be paying for both those on the border and the overtime by local departments – and we didn’t even get to vote on this! Not to mention, our homes and property will be at risk while those DPS officers are all down at the border.

I say, when the “extra” officers finish on the border, they are no longer needed by the taxpayers where they came from! You can’t have it both ways – either their numbers are justifiable for our safety where they come from, every day, or they are not!

It should be insulting to every taxpayer that they think we are so stupid and cowardly that by fear-mongering they think we can’t see through this. If we don’t need every officer they told us we had to have for our own safety, then lay them all off when they finish this dog-and-pony show at the border.

Sadly, this situation can be solved with laws already in place for the last 40 years. If those coming here illegally had nothing to come for, they wouldn’t come. Put an end to the illegal jobs and benefits by holding those who hire them accountable.

Problem solved! No need for more boots on the ground or more wasted tax dollars and resources.

Rusty White

2 Responses to “DPS to our borders, really?”

  1. Scott Pierce says:

    Last Sunday between Texas Motor Speedway and Denton 5 DPS OFFICERS were busy writing traffic tickets to motorists. With our borders being overrun by future Democrat voters who have 0 skills and speak 0 English, time for DPS to step up PROTECT AND SERVE.

  2. Rusty White says:


    They are writing those tickets for our own safety, if they leave who will do what the tax payers have been told is a MUST? As for claiming only one party manipulates race for their agendas, is intellectually dishonest at best. As for no skills, seems those hiring and paying slave wages don’t agree with you. Even sadder is those who hire them are take all the taxes out of their checks and keep it, because they know these SLAVES can’t complain without being deported, FACT!

    Please explain how the DPS will be of service on our borders, they DO NOT have the powers of the border patrol? Are they going to be profiling, how can they not and do what you want? How are those AMERICANS who get stopped for nothing going to react?

    Eliminate the reasons these people come for, and they will not have a reason to come, FACT! No wasted tax dollars and resources on walls, boots on the ground and more jobs for Americans, etc…


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