Disrespect to long-term teachers

By Coley Smith | Published Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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I am disappointed in the Wise County Messenger’s recent coverage of local events. A recent publication included a story called “So long, Mr. Clark; Teacher, students grew up together,” touting J.D.’s career as a teacher since 2008.

While this short stint in teaching got J.D. Clark a full-length article accompanied by pictures, we recently had three distinguished teachers retire from Decatur High School: Teresa Powell, Jo Woodruff and Robin Phariss.

These teachers have been in the classroom since before J.D. was born, yet all they received was a one-sentence mention in last Tuesday’s Update. They have served this community for decades and J.D. Clark has not taught in Wise County.

This isn’t even mentioning the teachers throughout the county who are leaving the community, retiring, stepping down or changing careers.

I am tired of the “J.D. Clark Show” every week in the Messenger, and I will be advising my friends and family to discontinue their readership until things start to change. I, for one, respect all the teachers that serve our community, not just ones running for office.

Coley Smith

One Response to “Disrespect to long-term teachers”

  1. Aaron Renaud says:

    I had two out of those three teachers, and they were amazing. I can’t believe they didn’t get three-page articles each!


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