Disappointed in superintendent’s response

By Vic Czerniak | Published Saturday, April 5, 2014

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I just finished reading the Wednesday edition of the Messenger. Mr. Branum sought legal counsel for direction on a tie vote in which the renewal of the athletic director’s contract did not receive a majority and thus did not pass.

The exact reply from the legal counsel was: “No action was taken on his contract. What you don’t have is some way to break the tie, unless someone changes his or her vote. If the board does not take action by a majority vote before the notice date, then his contract is renewed by operation of law.”

According to Texas Education Agency, Chapter 21, subchapter E, sect. 21.206 and Local Policy DFBB that, “… notice of renewal or non-renewal must be given 10 days prior to the last day of instruction.” The last day of instruction is June 5 if I read the school calendar correctly.

No board member wants anyone to lose their job. That was understood by Mr. Branum. Complaints were brought to the board in Novemeber and January and were discounted as meaningless. The option to remove the AD was given to the superintendent. That was also ignored despite numerous and continuing complaints toward the latter part of February and a growing number up to last week’s board meeting.

The motion to renew was presented again and voted down based on the volume of complaints.

Elected officials, from school board to Capitol Hill, are there to represent the citizens who elected them. Sadly, the majority of those officials forget that and use their position for their own agenda.

There are still a few in this area who remember we are there for the citizens.

We constantly remind voters to voice their complaints at the polls. School board elections are May 10. Voters are urged to vote, and especially to take advantage of early voting.

Your vote counts. This is not our school district, it’s the taxpayers’. We’re just there to improve it continuously. After all, it’s about the kids.

Vic Czerniak, trustee
Alvord ISD

EDITOR’S NOTE: Czerniak’s school board post is not on the ballot this year.

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