Democrats’ dream still alive in Wise

By Tracy A. Smith | Published Saturday, November 8, 2014

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The dream is still alive for Wise County Democrats.

Wise County Democrats chose to pick up the plow in the 2014 campaign and hoe the row – now it’s time to start planting the seeds.

Thank you to all the Democrats of Wise County, for the campaign support we offered to our candidates – those who block-walked, phone-banked and worked the polls – and especially those who decided to make your voices heard by showing up to vote.

These were all vital roles to keep Wise County moving forward. I have great respect and admiration for you all.

Tracy A. Smith

3 Responses to “Democrats’ dream still alive in Wise”

  1. Once upon a time, the Democrats were in control of nearly all office-holder positions. Then, along came the Reagan revolution, and with it, the tide, so to say, brought to the South a great wave of Republicanism. So, even though the Democratic party remains a viable entity, if one wishes to be elected in this time period, it would be recommended that you become a Republican and win the primary and then you can remain in office as long as you like.

  2. Tracy Smith says:

    Not buying that Mr. Johnson…

    Republicans Stole Texas when Tom Craddick Redistricted Texas leaving the Common Man no ability to have a voice at the Voter Booth. This disenfranchised many voters and they just simply stopped voting. Less than 35% of Wise County Registered voters voted last Tuesday. The question is how do we bring them back? Then ask a Republican if they want to……

  3. Lena Wells says:

    You have to remember the Republicans have stolen the state of Texas. When you have lines being drawn to benefit one party over the other that is stealing. What the Democrats have to do is get the people that don’t vote to vote and vote Democrat then it will not matter where the lines are because they still loose. However, you also have them continuously performing illegal acts to stay in power as we have seen them do right here in our own county. Get angry, fight back and stop sitting on the couch complaining. DO SOMETHING!!!!!!


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