Decatur ISD should spend on door openers

By Sandie Martinez | Published Saturday, August 16, 2014

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Last year, after I saw how much trouble the aides go through to exit the students in wheelchairs out of the building and onto the bus, I called the director of special education and Decatur ISD to ask why there were no handicap electric door openers at the high school.

They had to hold the door open with a rock. Then when my son missed his bus and we were running late, I dropped him off and struggled to open the door, carry his bags and push his wheelchair through the door with one hand.

Their response was, “We will look into it – we’re not saying it will get done in a few months, but we will look into it.” Nothing has been done.

Can they afford it? Well, if they can afford MacBook Air laptops for all the students and iPads for all the middle school students, I would think so. What was wrong with the Apple laptops they had, and spent thousands on? Now we have Macbook Air and still no handicap accessible doors for our kids with special needs.

You have a life skills class, teaching them independence – they should be able to enter and exit the school safely and independently.

Decatur is the only school I know of that uses top-of-the-line laptops. I find it ridiculous, when the money could be used on more important things. There’s no reason why these aides should struggle like they do to get these kids in and out of the school. It’s not accessible if it’s a struggle.

If you can afford top-of-the-line laptops and iPads for Decatur ISD, then you can afford to put in handicap electric door openers.

Sandie Martinez

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