Clark’s talent, record open to all

By Irene Wilson | Published Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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Feb. 18 – 28 the polls open for early voting, and election day is March 4. The first political contest was held in 1788, and there have been countless elections since that Dec. 15. Individuals desiring offices throughout the county have “thrown their hat in the ring,” and we are called to make decisions for Wise County.

J.D. Clark is in the hunt for the office of county judge, currently leading as mayor of Chico.

I remember when I first met him. He was a skinny kid … interested in academics, One-Act Play and serving as a class officer. He had a passion for learning, laughter and leading. He came by the office often to visit with Mrs. Hair, his English teacher and part-time curriculum director at Chico.

The Bridgeport Index was also his “stomping ground” as he covered governing board meetings at Chico ISD, the city council and commissioners court. He always had a spring in his step, a smile on his face and a friendly greeting.

Some things don’t change much in the course of years; he has those same qualities today.

He chose to be an educator, teaching kids to think and reach for that same learning, laughter and leading. While teaching full time, he conducts business on behalf of Chico residents as mayor. No longer a skinny kid … but a mature young man with another dream – one of great proportions – pushing his leadership skills with fresh and innovative ideas, looking to show the way for our county to grow and prosper.

As mayor of Chico he has:

  • balanced a budget every year (not an easy feat)
  • cut administrative spending by 30 percent
  • lowered property tax rates
  • upgraded water, street and sewer infrastructure
  • expanded police and fire services
  • led for economic development
  • expanded library services and focused on a reading initiative
  • utilized technology by using texting programs to alert residents of emergencies

… just to name a few.

We need a county judge to lead and work for the citizens all over the county. It is a big job, but I believe J.D. can do the job.

He deserves our vote, and we deserve a good county judge like J.D. Clark.

Irene Wilson

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