Clark’s record speaks for itself

By A. Fields Richardson | Published Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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I am sending this letter as an endorsement of J.D. Clark to support his campaign for county judge, Wise County.

My wife and I moved to Decatur in 2007 and we are both from small town backgrounds; she from Mineola and I from a small town in western Virginia. I was deeply honored to have been able to serve our country for 30 years in the United Sates Navy

Mr. Clark has an impressive curriculum vitae, most likely well known throughout Wise County, so I will not dwell on such known exemplary achievements and qualities. Rather I would prefer to endorse him based on personal contact and observation in several venues at which we were in close contact.

Apart from social occasions, I have seen and worked with Mr. Clark in charitable efforts in less than ideal conditions, and he was a cheerful, upbeat partner always focused on the task at hand.

As mayor of Chico, he has made very noteworthy improvements to that community’s infrastructure and has, in the planning stages, numerous follow-on projects – none of which will financially burden the citizenry of Chico. That accomplishment alone is a ringing endorsement for Mr. Clark’s ability as a good steward of the public’s money and that quality is greatly needed in today’s government spending environment.

Mr. Clark is very focused on the management of our water resources and dedicated to the growth of local businesses.

In the second half of my 30 years in the United States Navy, I was honored to have earned three command positions; two of these positions involved direct potential for combat and the last involved training others to do that job.

In this capacity I was fortunate enough to observe many young officers and enlisted men. I was – and you would have been – proud of all of them. But some stood out, and I am sure that if J.D. Clark had been in my command he would have been one of those standouts.

I believe he will be a standout public servant as a county judge for Wise County.

A. Fields Richardson, Capt. (Ret) USN

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