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By D.A. Sharpe | Published Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Proper governance, in a land of rule by law and constitution, is the life-blood of living in freedom.

Political leadership, in my view, should arise from qualified citizens who govern for a period of time, then turn to other occupations. I do not support the idea that political leaders should be life-long occupants of leadership positions. The just turnover of political leadership should, among other things, occur with reasonable frequency and result in the development of new leadership from the younger ranks as they grow in maturity and in community value.

Looking at the race for Wise County Judge for the 2014 elections, there are four who have qualified and are filed officially as candidates. I want to highlight and endorse one particular candidate for that esteemed office.

Chico Mayor J.D. Clark is a young (only age 28) political leader in Wise County who has been recognized, not only by our citizens, but from outside Texas. He was a recent guest student at Harvard University, at a seminar especially designed for local political leadership from all across the United States. We all have reason to be proud of Mayor Clark’s accomplishments on the Chico City Council, as well as in his professional career as a public school teacher.

Join me in voting for him, both in the March 4 Republican Primary Election and the General Election Nov. 4.

D.A. Sharpe

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