‘Big gambling bust?’ Really?

By Rusty White | Published Wednesday, May 14, 2014

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Re: “Law busts suspected gambling operation” Messenger, Saturday, May 10, 2014:

Once again the taxpayers pay for another dog-and-pony show. Why? Who and how many were the “numerous” complaints filed? Who was harmed, and where are the victims of this crime?

Was this supposedly done for our safety, or really because of money? Did the owner of these machines refuse to pay out, thereby generating the complaints? If the owner was robbing people, will the funds being taken be used to reimburse those wronged?

No! It was their fault for gambling in the first place, right? Will there be charges filed against those, if any, who complained about being robbed, while illegally gambling?

The bottom line is, we, the taxpayers, will wind up footing the bill for all this “protection” – trials, etc. – all in the name of “for our safety.”

Speaking of money, what “fund” will the thousands of dollars taken go in? While we’re at it, where does all the money from the forced forfeiture of homes, land, property, vehicles, cash etc. in Wise County go? When has this fund and its use ever been independently audited?

Why has this information and the past and present use of these funds never been made available to the taxpayers? Is this just a “slush fund” solely for our public servants to do with as they wish, with no accountability and oversight from the taxpayers of Wise County?

I, for one, have never played any of these “gambling” games, but couldn’t care less if others want to! As we drive by the casinos just across the state line, 90 percent of the cars in the parking lots have Texas plates! Billions of dollars, tax revenue and jobs are being given to the states on our borders. Why?

We, as taxpayers and free Americans need to watch and listen for the lies in our local and national politics! You know – the lies from both parties about each party supposedly wanting less government control and influence in our private and everyday lives!

We deserve the abuse we accept, and elect.

Rusty White

6 Responses to “‘Big gambling bust?’ Really?”

  1. Here we go again……..

  2. Tracy Smith says:

    The biggest lobby filling the bank accounts of the “anti legalize gambling” Texas lawmakers is not the Sunday morning brunch clubs. It’s the owners of the gambling huts north of the red river or just east of the LA border. As a matter of fact, the few times I’ve neen north of Red River I’ve always ran into a few of those brunch eaters enjoying a few spins of those bright pretty colored machines lol.

    I’m kinda with Rusty on this in the way that we need to legalize gaming in Texas for capital gains, but less with Rusty on the non regulating end of it. It should be regulated to favor unsuspecting victims.

  3. Rusty White says:

    Bart, IS THAT ALL YOU GOT??? Everybody on here has seen you CAN NOT defend your beliefs and position just using truth, fact, and common sense, FACT!!!

    Tracy, thanks for the honesty! I don’t think it is my JOB or morally my responsibility to make others live as I believe, FACT! I have enough problems dealing with my own BUSINESS!!! We are giving states on our boarders “BILLIONS” of dollars and jobs, simply because “some” think they have the right to force their beliefs on all others, REALLY??? Practice What You Preach, we would all be better off, if “some” minded their own business as well as they try and mind everybody else’s, FACT!!!

  4. Rusty White says:


    May be you can tell the tax payers and citizens of Wise County where these funds go, and how they are used? As well as “who” decides how they are spent and “who” is accountable for use of these funds??? Are any of these funds used to help those families, woman and children that lose their “bread winner”? You know with school clothes, medical, food, gas, rent etc…???

    While your at it tell us “how much” has been taken from the citizens and where it is kept? Or at least where we can find this information, GAME???

  5. Rusty White says:


    Are you having trouble finding the information that was requested? You and I have had a on going disagreement on some issues! “BUT” as a public servant in Wise County failure to answer these HONEST questions, will only confirm the tax payers and citizens concerns, will it not?

    Still waiting???

  6. Rusty White says:


    Have you been told to “shut up”? You spoke of being and officer and public servant, while telling me to “grow up”, right? How is it you can’t HONESTLY answer the simple question ask of you??? You “talk” about doing your duty as a public servant, the DO IT!!! How many attorney’s and public servants got land and homes for “pennies” on the dollar, how many weapons are now in the hands of “public servants” for LESS than 10X what they are worth???



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