Another one sacrificed to the ‘drug war’

By Rusty White | Published Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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Re: “Jury delivers guilty verdict in drug case” (Messenger, Saturday, April 5, 2014): Why are we, the taxpayers, being forced to pay for supposed crimes where there are no victims or violence in a citizen’s actions and/or private and personal choices?

How did this supposed “drug demon” make it to 50 without any criminal record? What will his future employment possibilities be now that he was violated, for his own good? How much was taken from this citizen – money, vehicle and freedoms, and for what?

Better yet, how much did this dog-and-pony show cost the taxpayers? Sadly, just one of the many being fed to the private prison system, one that is in business for profit – better known as “people ranching!”

When will the Wise County taxpayers stand up and demand the end to feeding upon our own citizens solely for some people’s job security and self-serving beliefs and agendas? All across this land and around the world others are accepting the truth that the war on drugs is a known failure, doing more harm than good!

Why do we keep feeding our tax dollars and citizens to it?

There has to be a better way. Help us find it!

Rusty White

8 Responses to “Another one sacrificed to the ‘drug war’”

  1. Rusty, we in law enforcementhave an obligation to everyone in society to enforce the laws on the books, whether we agree or not.

    This person violated the laws of this state, whether you like it or not, and he was punished accordingly.

    He won’t be going to a private prison, he’ll be an inmate at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. A State Agency, not a private facility.

    In my 35 years in law enforcement and criminal justice, I’ve never sent anyone to prison that DIDN’T violate the laws of this state or nation. It doesn’t work that way. I may not always agree with the sentence, good or bad, but I respect the judgement of the courts and juries to make the right decision.

    We get it. You want drug laws and other laws to be legalized. You ‘think’ that the drug laws should be a persons choice whether they want to be a user or not. You think we should allow people access to drugs and other ‘sins’ without any responsility. We get it…

    However, there are ‘victims’ and ‘violence’ in drug cases. Just as ONE example, look at the thousands of murders committed by the drug cartels in South Texas and Northern Mexico. There ARE victims and there IS violence, even if you choose to ignore those issues.

    It’s sad that a person who claims to be a former law enforcement member would go to the ‘dark side’ and beret those of us to are still in the business.

    Grow up, Rusty.

  2. Rusty White says:

    I invite every concerned tax payer,citizen {mother, father, sister, brother}and future juror to http://www.leap.cc {Law Enforcement Against Prohibition}. Learn the truth about this known failure called the war on drugs, and the harm it is causing!

    Also learn about “jury nullification” something these public servant in Wise County will “never” tell you about! Which all across this land is becoming the best weapon we the tax payers, citizens and jurors have against the unwarranted abuse of power! In every court room in this County, State and Country jurors should have the legal right of “jury nullification” explained to them! Not as it is today being manipulated in to believing you can “only” choose what the Judge and DA say are the “only” options, FACT!!!

    How dishonest and under handed is it for those supposedly entrusted with protecting our rights and civil liberties, to “purposely” refuse to explain “Jury Nullification” to our citizens??? What are they afraid of???

    Time has come for every citizen to arm themselves with the “documented” truth and their “legal rights” as citizens and jurors!!!

    Rusty White
    Speaker: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

  3. Rusty White says:


    Much better response accept for the “fear mongering”!:( First off just like with alcohol prohibition, the law was wrong, was it not? You are correct an officer has no option but to enforce the laws, except when other options are available! There is a LEGAL option called “Jury Nullification” that can let the citizens and tax payers REFUSE to accept unwarranted laws, IS THERE NOT???

    Over 4 years ago there was legislation that enabled citizens to be ticketed for up to 4 ounces of pot, correct? Yet this was left up to each county to implement or not, can you name a law we the citizens can choose to follow or not follow? Do we the tax payers pay for what ever prison he goes to???

    As for the deaths and violence in Mexico and HERE, it is directly related to our failed drug war, is it not? But that can not “honestly” be used to claim all who use drugs have victims and violence, can you? In other countries where the drug laws and enforcement have changed “”ALL”” have seen their violence and victims drop dramatically, as well as there need for tax dollars, prisons, and courts have they not?

    Your assumption as to what and why I want the drug laws changed are far from correct! So why not ask why I and “thousands” of present and former law enforcement have taken this public stand? “”IF”” you want to compare your years of service against those of our speakers, just go to the sight and see those your attempting to slander! See the life times of decorated service to the public! See where we speak and have members all over the world! I guess those who support us such as the late Walter Cronkite was a bad person to, as well as the judges, DA’s , DEA agents, etc… You would do well to educate yourself with the truth about us, as well as see those your attempting to slander!

    You see I don’t even take LEGAL man made drugs unless I am forced to by a doctor! Nobody is saying drugs are a good thing, GOT IT! Pot was put on this earth for each to choose, and the last time I checked “HE” doesn’t make junk, does he? As for man made crap, due to this drug war our citizens have no protection from those making an illegal living off it, DO THEY? After 50 + years over a “trillion” tax dollars, and more people in the “supposed” freest country behind bars, the bad guys still control EVERY aspect of illegal drug, do you deny this truth? They “STILL” control the age limit, purity and price do you deny this truth?

    Instead of attempting to attack and slander me and others, why not help find the answers to our problems? You see we were once just like YOU many spent their entire adult life fighting this unwinnable war, FACT!!!

  4. Rusty White says:

    Here are some of those Bart attempts to slander and dismiss their years of service! Bart you will see “MANY” from the countries that have the violence and victims you spoke of, contact them and see who they say are causing it, GAME???

    Ken Abraham Former Deputy Attorney General, Delaware Dover DE USA

    Arnold K. Adkins, Jr. Special Agent, United States Drug Enforcement Administration (Ret.) Columbia MD USA

    MacKenzie Allen Retired Deputy Sheriff Santa Fe NM USA

    Daniel-Paul Alva Former Assistant District Attorney Philadelphia PA USA

    John Amabile Former Assistant Attorney General Boston area MA USA

    Richard Amos Retired Special Agent, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Melbourne FL USA

    James Anthony Former Oakland Neighborhood Law Corps Attorney Oakland CA USA

    John Baeza Retired NYPD Detective Brooksville FL USA

    John Baker Retired Sergeant, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Parker CO USA

    Romesh Bhattacharji Former Commissioner of Narcotics New Delhi India

    Rowan Bosworth-Davies Retired Detective Officer London UK

    Nate Bradley Former Deputy Sheriff Sheridan CA USA

    Fabio Braga Forensic Police Officer Brasilia Brazil

    David Bratzer Constable Victoria BC Canada

    David Brown Former Prosecutor Baton Rouge LA USA

    Lance Buchholtz Sheriff (Ret.), Green Lake County (WI) Sheriff’s Office Poy Sippi WI USA

    Arnold Byron Retired United States Customs Inspector Burlington WA USA

    Vince Cain Retired RCMP Chief Superintendent and Former British Columbia Chief Coroner Victoria BC Canada

    Jerry Cameron Retired Chief of Police Saint Augustine FL USA

    Larry Campbell Senator and Former Mayor Vancouver BC Canada

    Rubens Casara State Court Judge Rio de Janeiro Rio Brazil

    Enrique Ceciliano Section Chief Jaco Puntarenas Costa Rica

    Francisco Chao de la Torre Police Officer Rio de Janeiro Rio Brazil

    Peter Christ Retired Police Captain Syracuse NY USA

    Michael Cindrich Former Prosecutor San Diego CA USA

    Walter Clark Former Deputy District Attorney Palm Desert CA USA

    Jack Cole Retired State Police Lieutenant – Undercover Officer Medford MA USA

    Beth Comery Former Patrol Officer Providence RI USA

    William Cooke Former Prosecutor Baltimore MD USA

    Rock Cowles Former Police Officer Boiling Springs SC USA

    William John Cox Former Los Angeles Police Sergeant and Prosecutor for the State Bar of California Long Beach CA USA

    Richard Craig Retired Police Lieutenant Tallahassee FL USA

    Kenneth Crispin Retired Supreme Court Judge Sydney Australia

    Jorge Da Silva Retired Colonel, Rio de Janeiro Military Police Rio de Janeiro Rio Brazil

    Siro Darlan de Oliveira Court of Appeals Judge Rio de Janeiro Rio Brazil

    Tim Datig Retired Chief of Police Egg Harbor NJ USA

    Gustavo De Greiff Former Attorney General Colombia

    John Delaney Retired District Court Judge Bryan TX USA

    Nicholas Dial Former Deputy Sheriff, Pinal County (AZ) Sheriff’s Office Former Municipal Police Officer, Coolidge, AZ PD Mesa AZ USA

    Bob Dillman Former Correctional Officer Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada

    David Doddridge Retired Narcotics Officer and Military Police Officer St. George UT USA

    James Doherty Former Chief Prosecutor Seattle WA USA

    Justin Dolan Retired Police Detective Costa Rica

    Stephen Downing Retired Deputy Chief of Police Los Angeles CA USA

    James Duffy Retired Police Inspector Glasgow Scotland UK

    Sean Dunagan Former DEA Senior Intelligence Research Specialist Washington DC USA

    Devendra Dutt Former Deputy Chief, Narcotics Control Bureau New Delhi India

    Carel Edwards Former Head of the European Commission’s Anti-Drug Policy Coordination Unit Brussels Belgium

    Patrick Elie Former Secretary of State for Public Security Port-au-Prince Haiti

    Andrea Farnum Former Police Officer Santa Barbara CA

    Danillo Ferreira Military Police Lieutenant Feira de Santana Bahia Brazil

    Jay Fisher Prosecutor CO USA

    Angus Fisk Retired Sergeant, New Zealand Police Uniform Branch Otago New Zealand

    Jay Fleming Former Undercover Narcotics Officer Mohave Valley AZ USA

    Matthew Fogg Retired Chief Deputy U.S. Federal Marshal Washington DC USA

    George Forsythe Former Trooper, Maryland State Police Arnold MD USA

    Shelley Fox-Loken Retired Parole and Probation Officer/Correctional Counselor Portland OR USA

    Marshall Frank Retired Police Captain Melbourne FL USA

    Neill Franklin Retired State Police Major and Executive Director of LEAP White Hall MD USA

    Leonard Frieling Former Judge Lafayette CO USA

    Inge Fryklund Former Assistant State’s Attorney, Office of the Cook County (IL) State’s Attorney Bend OR USA

    John Gayder Constable Niagara Falls ON Canada

    James Gierach Former Prosecutor Chicago IL USA

    Michael Gilbert Former Corrections Official San Antonio TX USA

    Diane Goldstein Retired Lieutenant Commander Santa Ana CA USA

    Nina Graves Federal Law Enforcement Division Chief Washington DC USA

    Jim Gray Retired Superior Court Judge Santa Ana CA USA

    Robert Guest Former Prosecutor Kaufman TX USA

    Jamie Haase Former Special Agent, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Fredericksburg VA USA

    Jay Hall Police Lieutenant, Houston Police Department (Ret.) Houston TX USA

    Ryan Harmon Former Commander, Indiana State Police Martinsville IN USA

    Karen Hawkes Retired Massachusetts State Trooper Boston area MA USA

    Patrick Heintz Retired Counselor/Corrections Officer Agawam MA USA

    Robert Hoffman Retired Chief of Police Crucita Manabi Ecuador

    Gary Johnson Former Governor Albuquerque NM USA

    Wes E Johnson Former Police Officer Tulsa OK USA

    Garry L. Jones Retired Corrections Officer Atlanta GA USA

    Donald Jones Former Judge Jacksonville FL USA

    Russell Jones Retired Narcotics Detective New Braunfels TX USA

    Michael Kahoe Retired FBI Special Agent Richfield OH USA

    John L. Kane Senior United States District Court Judge Denver CO USA

    Maria Lucia Karam Retired Judge Rio de Janeiro Rio Brazil

    Jeff Kaufman Former Police Officer New York City NY USA

    Kyle Kazan Former Police Officer Long Beach CA USA

    Komba Kemoh Assistant Superintendent of Police Brooksfield Freetown Sierra Leone

    Richard Kennedy Analyst, CIA Directorate of Intelligence/Economist Mason Neck (Lorton) VA USA

    James Kenney Former Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer Winnipeg MB Canada

    Larry Kirk Chief of Police MO USA

    Ross Lander Retired Justice, Supreme Court of British Columbia Nanaimo BC Canada

    Marina Lattavo Detective Inspector Rio de Janeiro Rio Brazil

    Leo E. Laurence Former Deputy Sheriff San Diego CA USA

    Brian Leininger Former Assistant District Attorney Johnson County KS USA

    Randie Long Former Federal Prosecutor Nanaimo BC Canada

    David Long Former Special Agent, U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Inspector General, Division of Labor Racketeering San Francisco Bay Area CA USA

    Ketil Lund Retired Supreme Court Justice Oslo Norway

    Paul MacLean Retired State Trooper Concord NH USA

    Annie Machon Former British Secret Service Intelligence Officer Germany

    Leigh Maddox Special Assistant State’s Attorney and Retired State Police Captain Baltimore MD USA

    Fred Martens Former Undercover Narcotics Agent Haledon NJ USA

    Madeline Martinez Former Correctional Officer Portland OR USA
    Danny Maynard Former Police Officer Sacramento CA USA

    Sean McAllister Former Assistant Attorney General, state of Colorado Denver CO USA

    Matthew McCally Former Corrections Official Renton WA USA

    Carlis McDerment Former Deputy Sheriff OH USA

    John McGeary Retired Senior Constable Melton Australia

    Walter M. McKay Former Senior Police Specialist Benito Juarez DF Mexico

    Joseph McNamara Retired Chief of Police Stanford CA USA

    Joe Miller Retired Police Officer Needles CA USA

    James “Flaming Eagle” Mooney Former Undercover Narcotics Officer Spanish Fork UT USA

    Nick J. Morrow Former Detective and Deputy Sheriff Seal Beach CA USA

    Marvin Morten Retired Judge Caledon ON Canada

    Peter Moskos Former Police Officer New York City NY USA

    Dan Mulligan Police Sergeant Bracebridge ON Canada

    Billy Murphy Former Judge of Circuit Court for Baltimore Baltimore MD USA

    Alison Myrden Retired Corrections Officer Burlington ON Canada

    Joanne Naughton New York Police Department Lieutenant (Ret.) New York NY USA

    Gerivaldo Alves Neiva District Judge, Court of Conceição do Coité Conceição do Coité Bahia Brazil

    Terry Nelson Retired Customs and Border Protection Aviation/Marine Group Supervisor Granbury TX USA

    Theodore Nelson Detective Sergeant (Ret.), Michigan State Police Howard City MI USA

    Richard Newton Retired Drug Interdiction Aviation Pilot El Paso TX USA

    David Nichols Retired WA Superior Court Bellingham WA USA

    Patrick Nightingale Former Prosecutor Pittsburgh PA USA

    James Nolan Former Police Lieutenant and FBI Unit Chief Morgantown WV USA

    Nick Novello Police Officer Dallas TX USA

    John O’Brien Former Sheriff Fullerton CA USA

    Mark O’Neill Security Police Officer, United States Air Force and Correctional Counselor, Marin County Probation Department San Francisco CA USA

    William Ostoj Former Police Officer and Former Deputy Sheriff Des Moines IA USA

    Chad Padgett Former Correctional Officer/ Youth Services Officer Walton IN USA

    James Peet Former National Park Service Ranger and Former Police Officer Sumner WA USA

    Titus Peterson Former Lead Felony Prosecutor Denver CO USA

    Sávio Pontes Detective Inspector Rio De Janeiro Rio Brazil

    Isom Pope Retired Chief Marshal Doniphan MO USA

    Howard Rahtz Retired Police Captain Cincinnati OH USA

    Richard Renfro Retired Internal Revenue Service Criminal Division Special Agent Detroit MI USA

    André Rosedale Municipal Police Officer CT USA

    Charles Rowland Former Prosecutor Beavercreek OH USA

    Tony Ryan Retired Lieutenant Police Officer Sahuarita AZ USA

    Hildebrando Saraiva Detective Inspector Rio de Janeiro Rio Brazil
    Bob Scott Former Captain Franklin NC USA

    Finn Selander Retired DEA Special Agent Albuquerque NM USA

    Dwayne Sessom Former Deputy Sheriff Lawton OK USA

    Carol Ruth Silver Former Director of Prisoner Legal Services San Francisco CA USA

    Ethan Simon Former Assistant District Attorney Albuquerque NM USA

    Tony Smith Retired Police Officer Langley BC Canada

    Norm Stamper Retired Chief of Police San Juan Islands WA USA

    Eric Sterling Former Counsel to the House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary Washington DC USA

    Raymond Strack Supervisory Criminal Investigator/Supervisory Special Agent, Department of Homeland Security/Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement FL USA

    Jeff Studdard Former Deputy Reserve Sheriff Palm Springs CA USA

    Jiří Stuna Chief Constable Skuteč Czech Republic

    Thomas P. Sullivan Former U.S. Attorney, Northern District of Illinois Chicago IL USA

    Larry Talley US Navy Intelligence Specialist (Retired) Flower Mound TX USA

    Jason Thomas Former Detention Officer and Marshal’s Deputy Denver CO USA

    John Tommasi Retired Police Sergeant Durham NH USA

    Ann Toney Former Deputy District Attorney Denver CO USA

    Judge José Henrique Rodrigues Torres Judge, State Court of São Paulo Campinas São Paulo Brazil

    Luis Carlos Valois Judge, State Court of Amazonas Manaus Amazonas Brazil

    Hans van Duijn Retired Police Union President Alphen aan den Rijn Netherlands

    Richard N. Van Wickler Superintendent of Corrections Stoddard NH USA

    Jenny Vanderbilt Corrections Officer, Cheshire County (NH) Department of Corrections Keene NH USA

    LeRoy Washington Federal Probation Officer (Ret.) Kamuela HI USA

    Richard Watkins Former Senior Prison Warden Huntsville TX USA

    Bill Weiland Former Police Officer Tampa FL USA

    Rusty White Former K-9 Trainer and Former Correctional Officer Bridgeport TX USA

    Paul Whitehouse Retired Chief Constable Bristol UK

    Leszek Wieczorek Retired Police Officer Bielsko-Biala Poland

    Francis Wilkinson Retired Chief Constable London UK

    Tim Younce Law Enforcement Ranger (Ret.), National Park Service Cincinnati OH USA

    Orlando Zaccone Police Chief, 18th Police Station of the State of Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Rio Brazil

    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
    8730 Georgia Avenue Suite 300, Silver Spring, MD 20910
    phone: (301)565-0807 fax: (301)565-0204

  5. Rusty White says:

    To One and All,

    As the citizens of Wise County watch Bart and I go back and forth, keep in mind. Only with this type of open and honest conversation will we find the right path. Is there “anybody” in this county who actually believe in this known failure called the war on drugs? If so please step forward and try to support your beliefs.

    I as a grandfather, father, tax payer and several generation native Texan refuse to sacrifice our sons and daughters to this failed policy any longer! When there is “documented” evidence of new ideas working, with less harm being done, why is it wrong to at least explore our options?

    Many time when I speak for http://www.leap.cc, I get the same questions and concerns. Almost every time someone will say ” I can’t believe you want to legalize these dangerous things, I have lost family members because of them”! My response is” if this drug war is working, why did you lose a family member”? Or some will say “if we legalize them everybody will being doing them”! I ask every time, if all drugs were legal tomorrow, “which drug would you choose”, Every time people say NONE, exactly!

    The truth is, in a free country stopping people from making private and personal choices is “impossible”! Never in the history of mankind has a prohibition of “anything” ever been successful! The oldest known prohibition was over an apple, and even “HE” with all “HIS” powers could not make it work, right?

    Our tax dollars, resources, courts, jails, were once used for those who had “victims and violence” in their crimes, how can anyone support what it has become today??? Here is another truth and fact to think about, there is not a prison or jail on this planet drugs have been kept out of, fact! Knowing this truth how on earth can anyone honestly support trying to keep them out of the freest country on earth, KNOWING IT WON’T WORK?

    It is time to hold people accountable for their “actions” that harm others, “NOT” feed upon them as job security while giving them “life time” criminal records which forces them to live on the “dark side”, is it not? The bottom line is, we the tax payers and families have to carry the burden of this failed policy, I for one AM DONE!!!

    There Has To Be A Better Way, help us find it!

    Rusty White
    Speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition http://www.leap.cc

  6. Rusty White says:


    Where are you, you claim “all those” who don’t support your beliefs and position have went to the “dark side”??? Can your service match those you tried to slander? Once again I ask you to “help” find the right path for our citizens and country, it “isn’t about me!!! It is about right and wrong, GOT IT!!!

  7. Rusty White says:


    “”Another”” one moves to the truth or what you call the “dark side”! USSC Justice Stevens from the “Highest Court” in our land, openly supports the legalization of marijuana for adults!!!! GOOGLE IT!:):)

  8. Rusty White says:

    To One and All,

    Once again the citizens and tax payers of Wise County see the truth! That being those that can not defend their beliefs and agendas only using truth, facts and common sense either attack or refuse to openly and honestly debate the issues!

    Only through open and honest debate will we ever find the right path! There is “no one” that can honestly support this known failure called the war on drugs, IS THERE??? We at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and I as well, do not claim to have all the answers! But we refuse to remain silent any longer, and are willing to openly and honestly debate this issue and let the “chips” fall where they may, fact! The question is, why are those still supporting this failure while making a living off the unwarranted misery of others, afraid to do the same???

    There Has To Be A Better Way, help us find it! http://www.leap.cc


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