America, we have a pen and a phone

By Ted H. Shaw | Published Saturday, February 15, 2014

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The time for action is now. Let’s get started.

Some time ago I penned a letter expressing the similarities of Adolf Hitler’s socialist style of ruthless government and the one we have here in America under President Barack Obama. Just as Hitler disregarded the laws and put in place his people in all areas of government, our president is disregarding the laws and placing appointees and judges with the help of the Democratic-controlled Senate’s use of the “nuclear option.”

In short, we are observing no checks and balances in our federal government. In other words, you as American citizens have no choice.

Now we have the U.S. Attorney General using his office and his pen to dictate to the states what he wants implemented. As for Texas, we don’t need ObamaCare, same-sex marriages and we don’t need your input concerning voter ID.

It is time the states, along with all true Americans, stand up and say, “Enough is enough!” I have a long list of “enoughs.” Do I have any like-minded red, white and blue true American followers? If I do, then get your pens and grab your phones.

It is time to put your concerns on paper, a voice on your phone, and if you are computer literate, then put your fingers on the keyboard. Phone numbers are available for Congressmen and Senators, so let’s light up the phone lines.

May I also draw your attention to our upcoming state elections? I encourage you to be informed, be wise and as with our federal officials, it would benefit all to take note of liars and deceivers and those who do not listen to their constituents. Take note of both sides of the aisle, then vote these types of elected representatives out of office – and I recommend they pass a law for term limits.

Concerning our upcoming governor’s race, we cannot elect a woman who is toting a gun one day, then against guns the next day, for abortion one day, then nobody knows where she stands. And keep your eyes on future primaries, as the San Antonio mayor has set his sights on Austin and advocated that he will turn this state “blue.”

I close with this last thought… Mr. President, senators and congressmen, restore every benefit that our veterans have earned and stop treating our defenders of freedom like some afterthought. I also recommend that elected officials, state and federal, do us a favor and vote yourselves a 15 percent pay cut – and show us proof that you have signed up for the disastrous ObamaCare.

It’s time to put some walk to the talk. Thanks for listening as I just wanted to share some things on my heart.

Ted H. Shaw

One Response to “America, we have a pen and a phone”

  1. Rusty White says:


    For once we agree on some things, but then there are some we don’t as it should be!:) I agree 110% on term limits at “EVERY” level city, county, state and federal! I for one refuse to vote for any career political parasites in ANY party, no more home grown and groomed cronies, no more dynasties, PERIOD!

    The “woman” as you called her may be the only option, due to having no ” new blood” or “new ideas” from the dynasty clones offered by the other side!

    As for healthcare, NO ONE can claim our people are not in need of something, and this plan is far from perfect! “”BUT”” when our elderly have to sell every thing they own just to stay alive, you don’t see a problem? When we are sending “Trillions” of our tax dollars to other countries EVERY YEAR, why can’t we take care of our own, for a change?

    The “right” is making a big mistake in attempting to use the healthcare issue during the elections, instead they should be offering way to fix the problems! Not use it as tool just for political gains at the expense and harm to our citizens!

    The right “claims” to support less government control over our personal lives! Yet they have no problem using it to “force” others to bow to their perceptions and beliefs as to how everyone should live and believe. Can you say HYPOCRITES and DOUBLE STANDARDS???

    We agree “everyone” should be writing and calling their representatives! My calls will be for a “return” to respecting “Individual Freedoms and Rights” over ANY self serving party beliefs and their “supposed” superior moral agendas!



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