America, we have a pen and a phone

By Ted H. Shaw | Published Saturday, February 15, 2014

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One Response to “America, we have a pen and a phone”

  1. Rusty White says:


    For once we agree on some things, but then there are some we don’t as it should be!:) I agree 110% on term limits at “EVERY” level city, county, state and federal! I for one refuse to vote for any career political parasites in ANY party, no more home grown and groomed cronies, no more dynasties, PERIOD!

    The “woman” as you called her may be the only option, due to having no ” new blood” or “new ideas” from the dynasty clones offered by the other side!

    As for healthcare, NO ONE can claim our people are not in need of something, and this plan is far from perfect! “”BUT”” when our elderly have to sell every thing they own just to stay alive, you don’t see a problem? When we are sending “Trillions” of our tax dollars to other countries EVERY YEAR, why can’t we take care of our own, for a change?

    The “right” is making a big mistake in attempting to use the healthcare issue during the elections, instead they should be offering way to fix the problems! Not use it as tool just for political gains at the expense and harm to our citizens!

    The right “claims” to support less government control over our personal lives! Yet they have no problem using it to “force” others to bow to their perceptions and beliefs as to how everyone should live and believe. Can you say HYPOCRITES and DOUBLE STANDARDS???

    We agree “everyone” should be writing and calling their representatives! My calls will be for a “return” to respecting “Individual Freedoms and Rights” over ANY self serving party beliefs and their “supposed” superior moral agendas!



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