Agency serves industry, not citizens

By David Johnson | Published Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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Is it any wonder that the Railroad Commission of Texas is dragging its heels? Are they waiting for “sound science and proven facts” as David J. Porter has stated?

Well, maybe an earthquake of greater magnitude is necessary.

Porter, through his CPA practice, has provided accounting and tax services to oil and gas producers for a long time. The chairman, Barry T. Smitherman, also has gas producers’ best interests in mind. And Christi Craddick, an attorney who specializes in oil and gas issues, is also the daughter of Tom Craddick, former Speaker of the Texas House and present member of the Energy and Resources Committee.

Who do you think these officials and politicians serve?

Phil King, another member of the Energy and Resources Committee, receives thousands of dollars from the oil and gas interests for his campaign. Good luck on receiving any positive results from the likes of these people.

Unfortunately, the residents from the affected area extending from Lake Bridgeport to Benbrook Lake will bear the brunt of the catastrophe.

David Johnson

2 Responses to “Agency serves industry, not citizens”

  1. Walt Partin says:

    Well said David. Everyone knows the TRC is there to protect the oil and gas industry and the citizens hands are tied when it comes to doing something about it. You can’t win against a multi billion dollar industry.
    Walt Partin

  2. Rusty White says:

    David and Walt,

    Both of you spoke “nothing” but the truth! Why is it King and others “still” get re-elected every year???? If we want change we “MUST” stop voting straight tickets which keeps these LECHEES in office, FACT!



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