Accept people, but not a cult

By | Published Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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Re: “Buddhists great example, great coverage” (Feb. 5, 2014) I am not sure I agree with all Ken Bateman said in complementing your coverage of the Buddhists who have been so successful in America since they arrived, and have built temples and Buddha sculptures in different areas of Texas.

Let me explain. I do not feel the approval of any Eastern mysticism should be accepted by Americans as advantageous to our free country. Accept the people, yes, but not their religion.

Neither article seemed to make a distinction between admiring their lifestyle and accepting their creeds and religion. The flavor of both articles was that one should accept both.

Already many cults have infiltrated our society, our government and even our public schools as science, while Christianity, as a religion, must be kept separate.

Buddhism is classified as a cult. I don’t feel I need to say more.

Bonnie Gober

9 Responses to “Accept people, but not a cult”

  1. Rusty White says:


    “”Accept the people, yes, but not their religion””, then is it your belief, it is ok for those in other countries to refuse to accept the “many” Christian missionaries sent around the world, right?

    “Go worth and spread the word and faith” only applies to one faith?

    Sadly the women and children massacred in Waco, were “labeled” a cult, solely in an attempt to justify the bigotry and actions that “caused” their wrongful deaths, and terroristic actions “illegally” used against them! IMHO

  2. Hmmm. Buddhism as cult? Funny I was taught in my classroom that Buddhism is one of the four major religions of the world. If one of religions of the world is a cult then all the religions of the world must be a cult. Let see, Christians practice symbolic cannibalism, claim only through their particular brand of spiritual incantations can you reach heaven, my way or the highway, and through their religion practice and doctrine practice discrimination and intolerance. What is real sad is some people have no understanding of the another form of cult based on law. It’s called the Constitution. I sure the letter writer is familiar with the 2nd amendment but maybe just skipped over the 1st although it applies here just for the fact she was allowed to print her opinion, as convoluted as it was, without fear of government reprisal or arrest. Isn’t the USA Great!

  3. Walt Partin says:

    Mr. Randolph thinks Buddhism is a religion. I think it is a religion. We are in good company with Webster’s Dictionary that also thinks it is a religion.
    To some the first amendment guarantees Christian only religious freedom.

  4. No one has to accept any religion but their own. Our country fought for religious freedom…all religions welcome.

  5. Rusty White says:

    Glad to see some “free thinkers” speaking out, and the truth as well!!!:) I just wish the WCM would add a “like or dislike” feature to this board! Then we “ALL” could see who is the REAL MAJORITY in this county!!!

  6. Mr. White, if there was a Like or Dislike button, you would be sadly disappointed. Very few people think the same as you, I can promise you.

  7. Rusty White says:


    That is the neat thing about this country, you have the “right” to believe and think what you want, that “does not” mean it is TRUE!!!:):) The only thing that would “prove” either of us right or wrong, would be the like or dislike feature that “all other forums have”, I AM GAME!!!

  8. says:

    I think the the Bible says it all. If you believe in the Bible (God’s word), and only on Jesus Christ then you are saved. He is the way, the truth, and the life of all who believe on him. That is where the truth lies. I don’t think Buddha has risen from the dead nor Mohammed, or any other only Jesus Christ.

    Peggy Owens

  9. Rusty White says:


    That is great for you, “but” do all others have to believe as you do? Are they any less a American or person for having other beliefs or none at all?


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