About to give up on Lent

By Irene Wilson | Published Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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March 5 wasn’t just another day in the countdown to spring break, it was Ash Wednesday, observed mostly by Roman Catholics, which I’m not – but I always give up something for Lent. To me it’s “long-term fasting” of something in particular. After all, Jesus gave it all up for me on the cross so I figure I can give up some token for Lent.

This year I gave up (don’t laugh) Cheez-Its and Mini-Drumsticks with peanuts on top (Wal-Mart Great Value brand are the best). During the cold, icy winter, this weather wienie participated in lots of sitting and partaking in Cheez-Its and Mini-Drumsticks (do they call that a food addiction?) – gathering about seven unwanted and unneeded pounds.

Convinced the beautiful weather would allow for yard work and walking, I left school on that Friday pumped, stopped at the post office, picked up the mail and headed home for a week of no office work, get things done at home, enjoy the days off.

Oops! A fat letter from the IRS was not a good way to start spring break. Opening it reveals, I worketh and the government taketh away. They politely request $4,000 from me by April 2. (No problem, I’ve got that much under my pillow.) Seems my tax man forgot to report my TRS earnings.

During the course of the week I notice a spot on my living room ceiling looks like a water leak from above. And I just had a roofer out about two months ago, and he said my roof was great!

I get a call from my Mom’s aide. Seems she was taking a shower and the aluminum leg on the shower chair folded up and pitched her out in the floor. She wasn’t hurt, just bruised – but the carpet got soaked when the hose came out of the shower with Mom. I had to take up the carpet (a carpet man I’m not!).

During the week, my opthamaolgist says I have the beginnings of cataracts but not to worry, I have several miles before he will have to operate. For now he prescribes new glasses to the tune of $660. Oh my, goodness.

And then the wind came in blustery and cold. Not my kind of weather. What I really want is warm sunshine, no tax bill from Uncle Sam, no bubble water spot on the ceiling, dry carpet and 20/20 vision. Spring break wasn’t exactly as I had envisioned.

By the way, Lord: Next year, I’m giving up spring break for Lent.

Irene Wilson

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