Top officials order surge to secure border

By Ed Sterling | Published Wednesday, June 25, 2014


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One Response to “Top officials order surge to secure border”

  1. Rusty White says:

    Can you say “dog and pony show”? I as a tax payer and “several” generation Texan, refuse to accept these fear mongering political stunts!

    Answer these questions:

    “”EVERY”” year DPS asks for more officers, money and resources, claim it is needed for our safety! Now we have such a “surplus” of officers, money and resources we the tax payers can fund a political stunt, while not jeopardizing the safety of our citizens??

    “IF” the above is true, then after this stunt is over “lay off” these “extra” DPS officers that have been proven to not be needed! You can’t have it both ways, either we have been lied to for the need for them, or the tax payers funds and safety is being sacrificed for a political stunt, WHICH IS IT???

    Once again common sense and reality “are not” part of the plan or even in the discussion! At best this will cause the “balloon effect” where as Texas will force illegals to move west and offshore, FACT! How far out in to the gulf are we going to build this “white elephant” of a fence and enforcement efforts? How many hundreds of tunnels are there “now” between the cities on our boarders, how many more will be dug?

    We as a state and a nation will “never” solve this problem no matter how many or how much “boots or money” we throw at it, follow the same failed plans and policies, fact!

    “Eliminated” the illegal jobs, benefits etc… that these people are coming for, guess what they will not come, PROBLEM SOLVED!!

    Ask yourself, how many of these political parasites in office today and those trying to win elections now! Have “EVER” in their life time in office brought charges against those hiring illegals, yet the laws have been on the book for over 40+ years???

    As a Texan, tax payer and VOTER I am DONE with any party using these kinds of political fear mongering stunts, JUST TO GET ELECTED!!!


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