America is beautiful in any language

By Brian Knox | Published Wednesday, February 5, 2014


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2 Responses to “America is beautiful in any language”

  1. Brian,

    That was an amazing article! If only more people would read it and LIVE IT – our nation might improve itself. I do not believe that it is the immigrants that are tearing our nation apart. It’s the selfish, ungiving, self-centered citizens who are blessed to be born in this nation’s population that are disgracing this nation with anger, hatred, and self-seeking actions that are truly causing the great land of America to be disgraced! As you posted, majority of AMERICANS are from immigrant descent – even the first settlers were from Britian, hence why our nation’s language is English!!! Only if the spaniards had gotten here fist huh? Then would we have a problem with people speaking English instead of Spanish in our country?

    Please stop to think about what country your family came from before you make judgement on another ethnicity!!

    Comments by Shellie C. Christensen


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