Weight room improvements approved by Decatur School Board

By Brian Knox | Published Wednesday, May 24, 2014
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The girls’ weight room at Decatur High School will soon receive an upgrade.

The school board Monday approved spending nearly $37,000 for the project, which will include taking out a wall to expand the room, the purchase of new equipment and installation of a rubber floor. The weight room is located on the south side of the gym, underneath the visitors stands.

Superintendent Rod Townsend explained why the upgrades are needed.

“The girls’ weight room was never furnished like it should have been when the high school was built (in 2006),” he said. “It just had some old, dilapidated equipment that was put in there. It served its purpose, but right now we have a problem getting people scheduled, getting girls scheduled. They have to go to the fieldhouse to lift weights.”

Townsend said district maintenance employees could remove the drywall and make the necessary ceiling repairs.

Half the money from the project will come from current budget funds, while the other half will come from the construction fund balance.


Each May following the election, the school board votes on new officers for the year. All of the officers were re-elected: Kevin Haney as president, Jeff Alling as vice president and Jeff Elder as secretary.

At the beginning of the meeting, Alling and newly-elected board member Jim Lamirand were issued the oath of office.


Townsend gave a presentation on the status of the high school’s career and technology program, which he said has been growing in recent years.

“It’s not just about animals,” Townsend said. “It’s about a lot of different things. Currently, we have about 360-370 kids taking part in our career and tech program. I don’t think there is a program up there that has that many involved in it as career and tech. It’s growing, and I think there are some good things to come.”

He pointed out that in the current year, 214 students had earned industry-recognized certifications such as ASE (Automotive Service Excellence), OPAC (Office Proficiency Assessment Certification), floral design, beef quality and master gardener. Another 74 certifications have been issued from Weatherford College, including gas metal arc welding and welding safety tools equipment.


As part of the consent agenda that drew no board discussion, changes were approved to the pricing of school lunches.

Current lunch prices are $2.35 at the elementary, $2.60 at the middle school and $2.80 at the high school. The new pricing structure will include only two tiers: $2.50 for the elementary school and $2.75 at the secondary levels (middle and high schools). That represents a 15-cent increase at the elementary and middle school level and a 5-cent decrease at the high school level.

Recognitions and honors

The following students, teachers and groups were recognized at the meeting:

  • Carson Elementary teacher Danielle Scroggins as DISD educator of the month;
  • Alicia Flick, office secretary at McCarroll Middle School, as support staff employee of the month;
  • valedictorian Laura Nicholson and salutatorian Katie Isham;
  • members of the Superintendent Student Advisory Council;
  • state golf qualifiers Drew Jones;
  • boys state track meet qualifiers.

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