‘Surge’ results in arrests, recovery of stolen items

By Brian Knox | Published Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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The Wise County Sheriff’s Office has made numerous arrests for drug offenses – and recovered stolen vehicles and guns – as part of a multi-county special operation conducted last week.

Chief Deputy Kevin Benton said the Sheriff’s Office participates in a program called the Texoma High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA), which periodically holds “surges.” Wise joined Tarrant, Denton and Cooke counties in such a surge Aug. 13-15.


EVIDENCE – Items seized from a traffic stop near Alvord last week included drugs, weapons and cash. Messenger Photo by Richard Greene

On Wednesday, Aug. 13, a traffic stop in the area of the roadside park between Alvord and Decatur resulted in the discovery of numerous illegal items including 3.33 ounces of marijuana, LSD, butane hash oil (derived from marijuana) and brass knuckles as well as a rifle and more than $800 in cash.


Alexander Dinsmore, 18, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance in penalty group 1A, less than 20 abuse units, and possession of marijuana, 2-4 ounces.

James Bass-Roberts, 19, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance in penalty group 2, less than 1 gram and possession of marijuana, less than 2 ounces. Christopher Allen Lopez, 18, was arrested for prohibited weapon. All three are from Dallas.

The next day, Aug. 14, Joseph Dwayne Sparks, 31, of Rhome was arrested following a traffic stop at U.S. 81/287 and Farm Road 407 near Rhome. He was charged with possession of marijuana, 4 ounces to 5 pounds, after 4.03 ounces of the drug was discovered.

On Aug. 15, a traffic stop at U.S. 81/287 and County Road 1280 in the Alvord area led to the arrest of Jamie Kristin Mack, 27, of Chico. She was charged with driving while license invalid with previous conviction. Drug paraphernalia was also located in her vehicle.

The surge also resulted in the recovery of a vehicle stolen from Arlington, two stolen motorcycles (one from Monroe, La. and one from Jacksboro) and three stolen firearms from a convicted felon. Because arrests have not yet been made on those individuals, no further information was available.

The three-day operation consisted of a combined effort of the Criminal Investigation Division, Specialized Enforcement Division headed up by Lt. Chuck Gomez, K-9 Deputy J.T. Manoushagian and Sgt. Cavin Riggs of the Traffic Division.

One Response to “‘Surge’ results in arrests, recovery of stolen items”

  1. Rusty White says:

    Lets take it from the top.

    At least 3 departments and officers, vehicles, fuel, overtime pay etc. and in the future time, vehicles, fuel for trials.

    What did we the tax payers get, 5 citizens that will most likely need court appointed attorneys, welfare for their families during the months and years! But not to worry they will follow the “norm” of being “forced” to accept a one sided plea agreements! There will be court cost, jail, probation fees, etc…. But hey, it is generating business for bondsmen, towing, attorneys, etc. all on the tax payers backs, as well as job security and publicity!

    Where are the “victims and violence” in these supposed criminals crimes? Several were arrested for “ticket able” offences? One had items and offences the Sheriff stated on this forum he “would not” waste tax payer resources by arresting citizens over?

    800 hundred dollars, yet to be proven to be drug money? What will happen to the weapon and cash, vehicles taken? In the end how many “Hundreds of Thousands” of tax dollars have and will be spent on , attorneys, courts, jail, prison, for this endeavor? How much safety for the tax payers was enhanced by these efforts, was it WORTH THE PRICE?

    It “appears” they did catch some thief’s, we will have to wait and see after the trials.

    While this makes for a supposed good “dog and pony” show, who were these people a threat to? How do you think these people will make a living and survive and feed their families after these “life time” criminal records?

    I as a tax payer would like to see our resources, officers, courts, jails and DOLLARS spent on REAL CRIMINALS! You know those that have victims and violence in their crimes!

    As a tax payer do you still feel good about this “dog and pony” show????


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