Parents kick around the idea of adding soccer

By Kristen Tribe | Published Wednesday, May 24, 2014
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A large crowd piled into the Bridgeport ISD board room Monday night, spilling into the hallways and outside the building – all in support of the district adding soccer.

Children in soccer uniforms and adults holding signs declaring their wish lined the sidewalk to the front doors.

A representative of the Bridgeport Youth Association addressed the board in public forum, encouraging them to consider adding the sport because it’s “an excellent form of physical fitness.”

“Other parents have expressed interest in transferring their students to the district if soccer is added,” she said. “One-hundred seventy-five kids participated in rec soccer this spring There is a need for soccer in this district, and now is the time to include it in the district.”

The University Interscholastic League is adding a third classification for 2014-15.

Board members were unable to take action on the request because it wasn’t an agenda item, but said they would take it into consideration.

The board approved BISD’s Community and Student Engagement Component of the state accountability system, as required by House Bill 5.

Committees evaluated the district and campuses in the following areas: fine arts, second language acquisition and gifted and talented programs, all of which fell under Goal No. 1, student success; wellness and physical and dropout prevention strategies under goal No. 2, focus on organizational excellence; goal No. 3, focus on family and community relations; and goal No. 5, focus on 21st century learning, which included 21st century workforce development and digital learning environment.

Committees assigned ratings of exemplary, recognized, acceptable or unacceptable to issues brought up within each of these areas.

Superintendent Eddie Bland said it was a year-long process. District representatives said many positive things were mentioned and action plans would be put in place to improve areas that received lower ratings.

The lowest rating assigned by committee members was an “acceptable” in digital learning environment because elementary students sign the same acceptable-use policy as middle school and high school students. Committee members would prefer that elementary students sign a document specifically written for their age group.


Although there are two new faces on the Bridgeport school board, the slate of officers didn’t change.

Monday night Scott Hiler and Steve Stanford took office, but the officer line-up will remain James Bost, president; Charles Mauldin, vice president; Scott Stowers, secretary; and Tom Talley, assistant secretary.

Trustees also canvassed the votes from the May 10 election.

In other business, board members:

  • approved a curriculum change to allow students to receive physical education credit for classes taken outside of school, such as ballet, swimming or karate;
  • recognized UIL academic winners, track team, tennis players, golf teams and FFA members;
  • approved contract renewals for certified personnel and the contracts for new middle school teachers Marla Vineyard and Haley Wilborn;
  • granted Bland the authority to offer probationary contracts to new professional employees through Aug. 18.

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