Overall values up 5.3 percent

By Bob Buckel | Published Saturday, July 26, 2014
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The certified tax roll came out Friday, and overall values in Wise County are up 5.3 percent.

Wise Appraisal District releases values each year, giving cities, school districts and other tax-supported public entities a tax roll they can bill off as they finalize their budgets.

There were few big winners in Friday’s numbers, but no one saw any huge losses, either.

“It was pretty healthy overall,” Chief Appraiser Mickey Hand said. “With so much of the oilfield activity moving south, 5.3 percent for the county is a pretty good increase.”

Boyd ISD, with an overall increase of nearly 13 percent, was the healthiest school district. Boyd’s big gains came in minerals (up 24.4 percent) and industrial, utility and personal (IUP) property (up 13.5 percent).

The city of Boyd topped all Wise County cities, too, with a 5.18 percent overall increase in tax values. The big gains, again, were minerals and IUP.

“Those IUP increases came primarily in oilfield compression and pipelines coming in,” Hand said.

He noted Decatur and Bridgeport both had new processing plants that came online during the year, as Devon expanded a plant and Targa built one.

The losses, he noted, came mostly in the city of Chico as oilfield equipment was moved out of the county, and in the city of Rhome where some of the older mineral values had simply depleted.

“On the minerals, you’re not sure how much longer it’s going to continue, but there’s always going to be wells here,” Hand said.

New construction continued to gain, with $76,203,902 countywide compared to just over $71 million last year. Hand said housing, too, was “pretty decent for the most part.”

Some of the highlights from the chart:

  • Bridgeport ISD, up 8 percent overall;
  • Alvord ISD, up 6.3 percent overall;
  • City of Chico, down 6.7 percent overall despite a 191 percent gain in minerals;
  • Wise County overall up 5.3 percent;
  • new construction countywide at $76,203,902;
  • new construction $21,314,224 in Decatur ISD, $4,239,140 in the city of Decatur;
  • new construction $10,202,231 in Bridgeport ISD, $3,732,490 in the city of Bridgeport;
  • new construction in the city of New Fairview $5,923,980;
  • new construction in the city of Aurora $4,400,060;
  • new construction in the city of Boyd $3,891,190
  • new construction in Rhome and Runaway Bay just over $1 million;
  • Northwest ISD up 3.07 overall, with new construction at $18,538,398.
Salesd Tax Chart

REAL – Real Estate consisting of all land and improvements
BPP – Business Personal Property consists of all business inventory, furniture, fixtures, and equipment
MIN – Minerals consisting of all oil, gas, rock and sand values in operating wells and quarries
IUP – Industrial, utility and personal property consists of utilities, pipelines, industrial machinery and equipment
% Change – The percentage change from the certified values from 2013.

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