Greene wants to reform Congress

By Bob Buckel | Published Wednesday, August 13, 2014


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2 Responses to “Greene wants to reform Congress”

  1. Mark Greene, please forget about the dove hunt fundraiser. The doves don’t deserve it, that’s for sure. And another thing. Kay Granger has done, and is doing, a remarkable job in the Congress; and it’s not her fault that things in the legislative aren’t going superb. She also headed the legislative group to the Central American countries to try to alleviate the influx of illegal immigrants and she does care about the children’s welfare; probably more than you do. So you have the gall to believe that you are going to reform Congress. That’s a laugh! It seems to me that you are “green about the gills” and that if you were walking in the halls of Congress you would be about to hurl. Stay home and get out of the race and enjoy your life.

  2. Scott Pierce says:

    Sorry Mr. Greene
    Democrats vision of America has lead American families into food stamps and on government welfare. President Bush is a natural born leader, President Obama is a semi-pro golfer.


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